kirk williams real estate market: Rates are at bottom..... - 10/09/09 04:35 AM
You can't wait any longer if you wish to buy or refinance and take advantage of the low rates. The government intervention into the mortgage backed security market is almost over and that means rates will start to rise. There is no talk about further intervention as we sit here today that's why I am making this declaration.
Next year this time we may be in the mid six percent range so if you can buy now....BUY. If you can refinance now REFINANCE NOW.
Don't get greedy or cute because you will get burned or as they say....pigs get slaughtered.
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kirk williams real estate market: NO...Real Estate Market is NOT improving just limping along... - 09/16/09 05:29 AM
On the usual network or cable network shows the Wall Street pundits continue to push the idea that things are getting better regurgitating numbers meanwhile the day traders continue on making money. On Main Street the middle class continues to get beat up and fleeced. One year later after the bail out of AIG we learn that 93 of the 180 billion was passed on to Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank (and others) with no possibility of seeing any of it again let alone on how it was spent other than some bonuses.
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