real estate: Private Sector beating out Neighborhood Stabilization Act....Surprised? - 10/07/09 04:08 AM
In another impotent attempt to do something (driving blind folded) our government rolled out the 3.9 billion dollar Neighborhood Stabilization Act (NSA) designed to purchase properties going into foreclosure in hopes of stabilizing a real estate market that is declining according to our government. 
This is another example of spending money instead of setting the table allowing the consumer to recover on their own. Every single program implemented from the Bush Administration and by our current Administration have failed miserably and has cost all of us billions. 
Eighteen months of hearings by Frank & Dodd interviewing CEO's of banks and no … (0 comments)

real estate: The Good, Bad AND THE POTENTIAL. - 09/15/08 03:40 AM
The Good:
Commodities tick down featuring Oil under One hundred dollars. Mortgage rates continue to drop. The Fed is drawing the line on "saving" or socializing our economy. Another road block from finding bottom and moving forward is being removed. Transparency is the topic and much needed reform in the wind for Wall Street. News of another one biting the dust occurs and there is no panic on Wall Street.
The Bad:
The 158 year firm called Lehman Brothers is going away and confidence (the lack of), perceptions or better yet the self fulfilling prophecy that has been going on since August last year continues. We … (2 comments)


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