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WE in the industry know - HUD,  along with the so called "leadership" in the House & Senate and all the members of both bodies miserably failed on many levels to assist toward an end to this economic calamity specifically the housing market. Values continue to drop and sweet heart deals continue ...
HVCC is not just an industry issue it is a consumer issue. In previous blogs over the past year I have been critical of the Attorney General of New York - Cuomo and I speculated early on he was laying out resume material for the furtherance of his political career...I was right. No individual or ...
Thank you for being accessible and your service. I hope you take my comments in the spirit they are intended. First off I sincerely believe there is a huge disconnect. HUD is running around making changes that do not impact the consumer positively and in fact doing harm. The revised Good Faith Es...
Via David H Stevens (United States Dept. of HUD): I wanted to take a moment to make sure you are familiar with events surrounding a sweeping set of policy changes for FHA announced earlier this week. The announcement details the changes that Secretary Donovan promised to deliver by the end of Ja...
Yes HUD (and our government) is at it again and yes the mystery continues as to why they do what they do. Great thinking on the yield spread premiums, the revised good faith estimate, HVCC appraisal mess, the elimination of a cost neutral down payment assistance I need to go on? HUD...
We know what the credit card issuers have been doing but according the FED they have cleaned up and pushed out the final REG Z wording that will be implemented February 22, 2010. "The rule bans several harmful practices and requires greater transparency in the disclosure of the terms and conditio...
What the NSF fee is to a bank (big buck revenue) regulation is to our government. Regulations are designed to generate revenue in case you have not noticed. For example even though I am licensed with my state and working for a licensed company I have to FOR A FEE take a national test to see if af...
I have forwarded this poem by an unknown author however it is circulating around the industry. It is an eloquent statement of fact surrounding the mess HUD and our government continues to make of our industry. PLEASE SEND THIS TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE! T'was the week before New YearsWhen all throug...
It won't be long before you hear about the endless tax payer gift given to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and that is a blank check to absorb more losses. The scary part about this is how the foreign and domestic private investors of our debt are going to respond to this most recent move by the Fed. ...
The clouds are coming and the warning signs are in place. Interest Rates will be moving up soon. The strategy of waiting for lower home prices could back fire because of higher interest rates. If you feel comfortable about your employment situation (particularly if you work for the public) I woul...

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