appraisals: HVCC - Please write your representative - It's a snow day so they have time to read! - 02/11/10 07:50 AM
HVCC is not just an industry issue it is a consumer issue. In previous blogs over the past year I have been critical of the Attorney General of New York - Cuomo and I speculated early on he was laying out resume material for the furtherance of his political career...I was right. No individual or state for that matter should be able to have such an incomprehensable impact on small business's(the appraisal industry) taking money -literal theft out of the appraiser and dictating to them how they do their business. Remarkable.
I hope the National Association of Realtors (membership) and the consumer start … (0 comments)

appraisals: Petition Drive to stop the HVCC madness coming to a head - 11/16/09 06:32 AM
If you were one of the activists that mailed in the online petition supporting the elimination of HVCC the day in court is coming soon.
A group will be delivering the petitions to one of the enemies of the consumer and our industry - the attorney general of New York - Mr. Cuomo maybe as early as this week. His office has been contacted and we will see how they respond.
See previous blog about its history and BS that fly's around this issue.
You want government to do what? The failure of HVCC appraisal
It continues to baffle me … (1 comments)

appraisals: You want government to do what? The failure of HVCC appraisal process. - 11/02/09 04:19 AM
 The highly touted and much patting on the back until it bruised (Thanks NY AG of NY Cuomo) occurred when loan originators were lectured about how badly they behaved. After all it was the loan originator that put pressure on the appraiser to pull values out of their 'pockets'.
What do you know....a bizarre and simply unbelievable report has just come out stating that since the inception of HVCC (started in the 2nd qtr or 2009) the number of 'inflated value appraisal fraud" is up 46% compared to a year ago? Really?
How can this be? The big banks as you … (0 comments)

appraisals: Request for Permanent Reversal of is your chance to act! - 10/26/09 03:36 AM
The HVCC appraisal regs that went into effect thanks to the Attorney General of NY Cuomo (probably will run for Gov of NY and certainly at some point will run for president...oh yea former HUD secretary under Clinton...Cuomo was a disaster there too)... His response to serious issues is from the same handbook used in Washington DC and to reverse this or right this wrong you can sign and forward this petition.
If you want to right the wrong this is your chance. If you as a consumer wish to be subjected to inaccurate appraisals that cost you money up front then don't participate. If you … (0 comments)

appraisals: HR 3126 amendment MAY KILL HVCC? - 10/23/09 03:16 AM
HR 3126 deserves the support from the consumer, Realtor, obviously the lending industry, (the banks won't support it because it will save the consumer money and Banks lose revenue) and support is needed from all the other vendors supporting the real estate market place IF the amendment killing the HVCC (preventing originators from ordering their own appraisal) is included.
America write your representative and senator and refer to HR 3126....and demand this amendment is included. It has some distance to travel before it gets to a vote however we all need to contact our representatives and tell them to get this on … (0 comments)

appraisals: The American Public not so smart says HUD & Washington DC.... - 10/15/09 04:23 AM
Sixty million dollar Obama program says "we know best" and wants to review your loan docs....I KNOW how cool is that? (he says in a tone of resentment) They (the government) think they are better equipped to tell you how to manage your money!
Well bust my buttons - 24 national and regional organizations, 5 multi state organizations plus 463 state and local housing counseling agencies. Yippeee!!! (getting a little more smarmy) 4400 counselors will be available to add their opinion about your loan. I am in awe of my government - how do I put my pants on in the … (0 comments)

appraisals: Cuomo starts presidential compaign setting sights toward 2012 or 2016 - 03/05/08 04:03 AM
As Obama and Clinton duke it out for the nomination Andrew Cuomo the ultimate self-promoter is working toward his turn in 2012 or 2016. Jumping on the political opportunity bandwagon he is searching out to find someone to blame over the "credit crisis" as it is called.First the public lynchers were heading for the originators now it seems the NY Attorney General is focusing on the appraisal industry while legally chewing on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at the same time.Mr. Cuomo it seems built what he deems a strong case that appraisers were just going out there picking values out … (0 comments)


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