kooiman: ATTENTION 401k) and IRA Participants! - 04/20/10 03:40 AM
Quote of the Week: Sounds Crazy Might Work "It is possible to do whatever you choose, if you get to know who you are and are willing to work with a power greater than ourselves to do it." ~ Oprah Winfrey Talk Show Host Entrepreneur Good Morning... This email is long overdue. I have met many people lately who do not completely understand the control they have over their 401(k) & IRA plans.  THIS is IMPORTANT. YOU have complete control to do what you want with your 401(k) as it pertains to choice of investments, how much to contribute, whether or … (4 comments)

kooiman: Will Homeowners and Buyers Lose $45,000? - 08/18/09 03:50 AM
Quote of the Week:"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Albert Einstein PhysicistWill Homeowners and Buyers Lose $45,000?Ann Arbor, MI August 13, 2009 – Federal Reserve officials met yesterday and issued a statement saying that their program to purchase $1.25 trillion of mortgage-backed securities will be winding down by the end of year.  “The Fed is the single largest buyer of mortgage bonds in the market today,” said Gibran Nicholas, Chairman of the CMPS Institute, an organization that certifies mortgage bankers and brokers.  “The way mortgage companies set their interest rates is by figuring out the … (0 comments)

kooiman: Jon Stewart - He's Not Your Typical Talk Show Host - 03/23/09 03:09 PM
Happy Monday Everyone! I'm asking you to watch this video when you have some free time. THIS is what's going on in our country and while the feelings of powerlessness continue to frustrate me and others, I encourage you to watch Jon Stewart's show from last week even if only to watch him mentally pummel Jim Cramer in ways he truly deserved. There was a study done on Jim Cramer's picks recently and it's been shown that literally about 80% or more of his picks have been wrong in years past.  It blows my mind that CNBC and other organizations like … (0 comments)

kooiman: As We Move Into 2009...Be Happy! - 01/01/09 10:01 AM
How to Be Happy
1.     Relax. Lighten up. Don't take yourself too seriously. Try not to over analyze things. Stress can cause many mental, physical, and spiritual problems in your life. One of the major causes of stress is worrying about things that are out of your control. Learn to recognize these things and if you can truly do nothing about them, then just let them go. Take time to laugh at yourself and the situations you find yourself in. Laughter is a powerful, positive medicine and the calmer and more peaceful you can take things, the happier your life … (0 comments)

kooiman: What Makes a Great Real Estate Agent Great? - 09/19/08 11:55 AM
Good Afternoon and Wow, What a week!THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS E-MAIL WILL MAKE YOU MONEY AND WILL MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD! I heard a startling statistic yesterday and the numbers don't lie.  It's a fact that approximately 54% of buyers/sellers will NOT use the real estate agent that they used on their last transaction.  Even worse and it comes as no surprise given the reputation of most lenders and brokers as of late, 83% of lender / broker clients will NOT use the mortgage person they used on their last transaction for their next transaction. So, what separates the good … (1 comments)

kooiman: You Mean Doing the Opposite of What We've Been Taught Actually Works!?? - 08/26/08 02:45 PM
Quote of the Week:Know What You Don't Know"The doors of wisdom are never shut."Benjamin Franklin ~ Inventor     Good Afternoon!Please take a moment to watch this very quick video about something I'm going to try out, Question and Answer emails / videos: http://www.vimeo.com/1610110
Forward this email to your friends and family so that they can watch the video, too.
Here is an example of a recent Q & A that I read online through one of the companies I learn from:
Q: I am 61 years old and have about $500 a month to use either in funding my Roth IRA or … (2 comments)

kooiman: Buying Real Estate in Todays Market - 08/15/08 05:33 AM
Happy Friday! I want to share with you something important thing that Silverstar is offering next month. We have an event coming up this Saturday, September 20th from 10am-12pm at the Ayers Hotel in Seal Beach (right at the 405 FWY & Seal Beach Blvd.). So, "What is this event?" you may be asking??? Over the past several months we have been working with several clients who are ready or gearing up to purchase a home and they have a lot of questions about down payment, loan options, buying foreclosure homes and how to improve their credit scores. We figured that … (0 comments)

kooiman: Quote of the Week + Loan Modifications - 08/07/08 12:53 PM
Quote of the Week:"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."Margaret ThatcherBritish Prime Minister Good Afternoon!Opportunity is EVERYWHERE, isn't it?  I gotta tell you, something I've been proud of is the fact that most of my video's are first takes. Today...nnnnnnot so much!  Here are a couple of bad takes and one, yes one....OK one. Enjoy.
Click this link below to Take One:
Here is a link to our website where you can view our "Homebuyers" event video and you can even RSVP online!: www.silverstarfinance.com/events When a family member, friend or neighbor needs advice about buying/selling/borrowing, … (11 comments)


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