tax: Accounting, Taxes, and Fraud....Oh my! - 10/16/19 08:35 PM
Starting a business can be exciting, challenging, rewarding and stressful. Knowing how to protect your business in matters of accounting, tax and fraud can significantly contribute to your business success. Here are a few tips to consider:
Accounting Matters  Invest in an accounting system such as QuickBooks to assist you with maintaining good records.  Maintain receipts Track your business mileage either manually or using an App such as MileIQ. Tax Matters If you are using a home office ensure that it is an area used exclusively for business and IRS compliant. Your office space should not include a TV, bed, surf … (11 comments)

tax: Don't let the 2018 tax season pass you by! - 10/02/19 09:35 PM
Greetings everyone, 
As a reminder, the filing deadline for the 2018 tax season is quickly approaching! If you are one of those folks who extended their individual or C-Corporation tax filing, you have until Tuesday, October 15, 2019 to ensure a timely filing of your tax return. 
Additionally, if you have a tax liability due, remember that interest and penalties continue to accrue from April 15, 2019 until the balance is paid in full. If you know that you owe the tax, consider a proactive approach by paying in advance using any of the following methods:
Increasing your W4 withholding Making quarterly estimated tax … (15 comments)

tax: Bad Tax Assessment? No Problem! - 09/08/19 04:47 PM
Have you been assessed with tax debt that you don’t owe? Believe it or not, it happens more often than you think. Perhaps a business issued a 1099 incorrectly, you had an IRS audit or maybe you had an IRS appeal that was never heard.
Whatever the situation may be, if you have been wrongly assessed, don’t fear! There are options available to challenge the IRS and reopen these types of bad assessments.
We can consider the following options:
Audit Reconsideration Doubt-as-to-Liability Offer Collection Due Process hearing Refund Litigation Bankruptcy The option selected to resolve the clients' tax matter depends entirely on … (13 comments)

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