tampa realtor: Tampa Bay Home Realtors and Mortgage Consultants wish you a Merry Christmas! - 12/18/08 12:54 AM
Tampa Bay Home Realtors and Mortgage Consultants wish you a Merry Christmas!
We did this last year and it was so fun.  We wanted to wish you a cute fun little christmas this year.  Enjoy our christmas wishes and then go make one of your own.
Happy Holidays!
Click the picture below for a Christmas Disco Party...
Katrina Madewell Justin Myers Jennifer Reynolds Don't forget to call us when you are ready to have a fun memorable home buying or selling experience.   If you need the money to get a home, we got that too :)

tampa realtor: Tampa Bay Foreclosure Bus Tour - More with John Astl - 07/20/08 02:59 PM
John Astl with Avail-A-Pro was the highlight of the trip for most.  Everyone really loved the quick insight that John was able to provide during and after each home we toured.
Tampa Bay Foreclosure Bus.com plans to regularly host tours of Foreclosed homes in the Tampa Bay Area.   For every tour, we will have professionals, like me,  guide you through the process of buying a foreclosure in Tampa Bay.  We have mortgage Pros, Real Estate Pros, Home Inspectors, and various professionals available for tours to answer commonly asked questions, and tell you what you should look out for!
THE BEST PART ABOUT THE … (0 comments)

tampa realtor: Katrina Madewell and Crystal Brummer attend a 1 day training in San Diego - 06/23/08 04:17 PM
My Friend Crystal Brummer and I attended a 1 day workshop at the "Magic Words DoJo" in San Diego with Joe Stumpf, master trainer and NLP linguist training the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry.  Joe Stumpf is the founder and active coach at By Referral Only.
We attending this training with only some of the TOP 8 other Real Estate Agents or Lenders in the United States.
Crystal Brummer is a Real Estate Consultant in Minneapolis Area serving Lake Calhoun | Uptown | St Louis Park.  If you are considering buying a home in the Minneapolis Area, Call Crystal.  She is honest, sincere, and she … (5 comments)

tampa realtor: Tampa Realtor Katrina Madewell - wants to know... Reality Check! - 05/05/08 07:05 PM
Take a look, your reality check is on the floor!
I was talking to my good friend Cyndee Haydon just the other day when we realized our conversations were very similar in the fact that we will work like mad to bring our clients the VERY best (and I mean the best of the best), and at the end of the day... if someone did not value our time, you stop and think (we sure did)...
Did I take precious time away from my children that are begging for my attention?My children are so small now and they WANT me now, it's only a … (13 comments)

tampa realtor: Tampa Real Estate Agents.... is Starbucks your virtual office? - 02/01/08 02:18 AM
That's me!  More and more business people, Like me, have been using starbucks as a vitual office space for many years, in addition to your regular office, or perhaps you have even replaced your full time office space with a home office and taken on Starbucks as your meeting ground with your clients.
With many people everywhere trimming the fat and cutting cost everywhere possible, one may start to think... hummm I can either meet my clients at McDonalds where there is FREE WiFi at many and they have really stepped up their 'ready made to order coffee services' (adding cream sugar … (4 comments)

tampa realtor: My blogs are always so serious... let's have some FUN! - 01/14/08 05:09 PM
... SO let's have some fun!
Ok just for a second:
I know that you have been somewhere someone sent you a linkyou got that super cool emailor HTML code maker siteShare in the fun here...
I thought this was cool and has to post it.
Enjoy. and don't forget your fun stuff (places on the web to go)
(yes you click below on the interactive cookie) 
Create your custom cookie at bigoo.ws … (9 comments)

tampa realtor: Tampa Real Estate Agent asks: SO WHY ARE YOU BLOGGIN' ANYWAY? - 01/14/08 04:40 PM
OK, so everyone has their reasons, and after reading a few of the crazy blog posts I read earlier, I really wanna know TWO things:
Why do you really blog?How many of you regular bloggers have an OUTSIDE (AR) Blog that you also post to? ~ (& who hosts it? blogspot, typepad, etc)We are up to 65,621 members now (as of this post), so tell me... I'm curious, why do you blog?
Pure addictionActive Rain PointsSocial CirclesBusinessDevelop my Online personalityPublic ServiceMy online Class RoomI wanna see what others are doingFunI was told I better start blogging hereOk so I've had some FUN with it, but … (7 comments)

tampa realtor: Merry Christmas ... too cute not to share... - 12/24/07 05:36 PM
WOW!  It's 2:45 AM and Mrs Claus just finished unloading her sleigh.. Man the time flies when you are having fun right?
Tis the Season!  Be safe! 
Wishing everyone a safe, fun, happy joyous holiday season... glitter-graphics.comMerry Christmas to you...
Parents... Are you ever so convinced that you have heard Santa, that you question yourself...
"Santa is in your heart"

tampa realtor: Are you ready for Christmas yet? - 12/20/07 05:42 PM
Are you ready for the holidays yet? Today is the 21st and we are down to just 3 days before jolly old St Nick visits from the North Pole!
Where are you in the holiday shopping chaos?  Anyone still out running around shopping? Are you:
All DONE  Almost finished... Haven't even started!Ready or not, here comes christmas!
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. (this was so cute I had to post)Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night.
YOUR local Realtor serving the Lutz, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and the Greater TAMPA Bay area communities.

tampa realtor: Lutz Realtor say Merry Christmas and go ELF yourself :o) - 12/18/07 02:46 AM
Check out the ELVES...   You might even know one of them!
Ok you have to take 5 minutes (on your 15 minute break, LOL) and check this out..
Someone sent this to me and it wasw SO cute, I had to do it and post it for you all.
Merry Christmas, now go elf yourself and sent it to someone!  Don't forget to PASTE the URL for your ELVES HERE.
Katrina Madewell - Lutz Realtor serving , Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

tampa realtor: Tampa Realtor see the BUCS kick Houstons B**T - 08/31/07 11:38 AM
Last night my family and I had the opportunity to see the Tampa Bay BUCCANEERS take on the Houston Texans.  If last nights final score is any indication on how our year will go for us, we are in good shape. 
We had some pictures from the game that my daughter took, and we had the pleasure of getting to know some of the other season ticket holders that sit around us and find out more about their families and what they had the pleasure of doing for a living.   We really enjoy the people around us and have a lot of … (6 comments)

tampa realtor: Tampa Realtor Charles Rutenberg Realty... I Tried to tell you all how great it is... here's proof! - 07/20/07 07:43 PM
Every Friday, the very diligent managing broker of Charles Rutenberg Realty, John Rurkowski sends over the "News and Notes" to their agents and today we got the Kenst Report figures, and here the NOTES from our office on what Charles Rutenberg Realty agents "do" in the market place...
We received the Kenst report this week with 2nd quarter statistics. Here are the major stats:
CRR currently has 17.75% of all listings CRR had 19.41% of new listings in June CRR has 16.89% of homes under contract CRR had 19% of all closings in June and 18%+ for all closings in 2007 Comparing 2006 … (4 comments)

tampa realtor: Tampa Florida Mortgage Broker reports-100 Major Lenders are out of business since late 2006. - 07/19/07 04:56 AM
As this market toughens we will continue to see serious change, more and more banks will merge, go out of business, tighten up in underwriting and on guidelines, all making it tougher for the consumer to get financing. 
We no longer have those days where anyone with a 580 credit score can buy a home with Zero Down.  The banks are requiring higher credit scores, and demanding that consumers be more diligent with their money and show some history of savings and on-time payment history.
According to:
The Mortgage Grave Yard at Mortgage Implode has kept track, and since late 2006 we are … (5 comments)

tampa realtor: Buy Tampa Homes because Timiko LOVES her new home in TAMPA!!!!! - 07/11/07 06:43 AM
I wanted to share with you all the experience one of my client recently had, when she was giving a tour of her new home ...

Here is her Real estate show... Thanks Jeff Turner! for all of your help and Cyndee Haydon for telling me about Real Estate Shows. Katrina Madewell, Your Home Consultant for life!
(813) 235-9889Welcoming you to start you home search here with us. http://www.thebesthomesintampa.com/content/homefinder.html
Best Wishes in YOUR Tampa home Search.
:o) … (9 comments)

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