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Blog Posts to inspire and inform others about Real Estate and different aspects of Life. We all are players in the game of life, and how we play the game determines if we win or lose.
I get asked this question a lot from sellers of land in the Whitewater area of Riverside County, CA.  A couple years ago I told all the people that contacted me how much the value of their land lots had gone down, and if they didn't need to sell to hold off.             That was in 2008-2010. Now...
Today I had to get the thermostat replaced in my house as  somehow the connections werent working properly  and  the heater wouldn't turn on.  There was a lesson learned while watching the repair man, one for everyone.  While watching the repairman I was reminded that forgetting about the small t...
As 2010 is about to end, and a new year begin I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you!    Thank you to all the people that have touched my life in one way or another.  Thank you for all those that have shown compassion to others as they delt with challenging times, health issues, or even ...
The New Year of 2010 started off for me the same as most years, full of hope and optimism for the year to come. I had just ended a very difficult year with an increase in business, and resolutions to other challenges in my life, I had no reason to envision that in just a few short weeks a seeming...
Wow, long time since I posted...and I am very surprised that I found this, but our friend Carol's name is in the nominations for Health and Wellness for her Feng Shui.  Her daughter has asked for our votes, and I see zero comments which means zero votes. Please join me in supporting Carol's memor...
I have said this for a long time now. This market wasn't going to stay the same and the Agents that were ignored or treated like sh*t would be once again on the top of their game.  Agents that thought they were better than thou would once again be in the mainstream...and have to realize that the ...
I sell Real Estate...and I am supposed to care about the clients needs, but what about "my needs", our needs.  What do Real Estate Agents and Realtors really expect from the other people in a transaction of buying and or selling properties.   Real Estate Agents write tons of stuff.  We have blogs...
We all have slow times in our business, and some of us more than others lately. But what do you do with this time? How do we help families other than getting them into new homes? I know this community, and I know that it is a caring one. So many people have supported each other, and shared their ...
Many Business People like referrals, including Real Estate Agents.  We typically make referrals to Agents that we know, or that have a good reputation.  I made one the other day to an Agent I have worked with several times-but it went completely wrong.   I have written before about Agents that tr...
Giving.....this is one of the common threads all of us share with Laurie. She gave to all of us-time, expertise, humor and whatever she could.  If you can't make it to Long Beach or New York.. this may be of interest to you.      Many of Laurie's friends have been chatting and realized that if we...

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