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This morning I got up early with the express desire to check on a few posts, and people, but hey this is the "Rain" and my plans haven't worked out.  Having a lot of Thanks to give everyone, and Personal Wishes takes time....time I don't have at the moment because I either procrastinated, was too...
How many times do I have to hear "it's simple"......Tech Stuff wasn't made for some of us that absolutely hate reading directions.  Tonight I neglected my commenting on Posts, and totally ignored new Group Posts while I tried to make one of those Real Estate Shows......OK, I decided to bite the b...
Having more than one Real Estate Office can be challenging, especially with the price of gas. Why would anyone drive 3 hours to get from one office to the other? Would you drive this far, and if so what would you do with your time?Me, I love the drive; not the expense, but the drive itself. I lov...
Loyalty and Relationships. Remember those early days of any relationship....the courting was fun, you felt special, and you loved the attention and got your needs met? So, what happened after the Honeymoon period?  Relationships are something that should never be neglected. Many of us are experie...
When was the last time you really looked at your online presence? Tech tools, tech fun...you hear everyone say they can help our Business, but these tools are only good if you know how to use them. If not, it's no fun at all, and can change your perception of what was once Great to what is now Pi...
This morning I awoke to the most beautiful Sunrise; pinks, oranges, turquoise and yellow. The sun was not visible yet, but the scattered clouds were changing colors as the sun slowly rose over the horizon. A crescent moon sat boldly in the sky , a reminder of the night that just passed.  The Gran...
Are you ashamed to be an American? Prejudice is alive and well in the World.  Yesterday Monika McGillicuddy wrote about a Church that was protesting Military Funerals, and this mornings news reported the Judgement against them.  But this isn't really about Americans, or our ignorance in some thin...

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