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  Open Letter to my AR Friends in the Gulf States: I have been hearing about Hurricane Gustav all day, and I am worried about you. I hear the word Gustav and my heart lurches.  I hear the words New Orleans and I think of Lisa, and  Katrina.  How could this be happening again just 3 years later.  ...
The Art of Marketing You Group, here on Active Rain, has become my new best friend.  I love new ideas, and love things that can increase my business.  Like so many people, time seems to be more abundant than money these days. Reading Active Rain, and other Real Estate Networking sites  keeps us o...
Another meme ~ who in the world started this one?  I got a mail from Audrey June Forshey saying "you've been tagged." Tagged for what, meme's died out didn't they?  Then I get another mail......this time my Feng Shui Friend in Long Island Carole Provenzale  doing the same thing...."tag you're it"...
How could I be so dumb?  I really can't believe after a year and a half that I just now figured out, or found out, that I never subscribed to you... darn buttons again.  Anyway, after reading something I went to my sidebar where my Subscribed List is, and lo and behold you weren't there?  Where a...
Today.....August 26th is Women's Equality Day.  The 19th Amendment was certified as part of the U.S. Constitution on August 26, 1920.  This Amendment gave women the right to vote, and supposedly we were to have equal rights.  In our country women today are "mostly" equal to men.  There are still ...
No matter what job we have, no matter how many social networks we belong to, it's all about relationships.  Who are your friends?  Who's on your Subscribed List...Do you even know most of these people?  Today think of what makes a Friend....either online or off.  Today let at least one of your Fr...
Dori  Lopez, Manager of the SGP Copy Shop, is a graduate of Banning High School, and currently attends Crafton College.  One of her goals is to use her music to help others....she wants to study Music Theraphy.  This is Dori's 1st Performance in a Theatre Procuction, and you can see how proud she...
Almost a month ago a new CA law went into effect banning cell phone use while driving.  You had to have a hands-free device, but the joke of the law was that you couldn't talk on the phone while driving, but you could text :) Well, today the CA Senate approved a bill to outlaw texting....but the ...
You go to show a property and take your client into the kitchen to look around.  Something is sticking out from under the fridge, and so you take a look......Oh gawd....it's a mouse. If you're squemish do NOT look at the first picture.       A live Mouse that is  squiggling to get free.  Your cli...
Who hasn't heard of Palm Springs CA?  N. Palm Springs is West and North of Downtown Palm Springs.  It is close to the West end of Desert Hot Springs closer to the 62 Freeway where all the new development is happening. Land in this area was cheap for years.  For years you could pick up a lot or ac...

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