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If I was in charge, and boy are you guys lucky I'm not....but if I was I would give a Group Award to Real Estate Agent Todd Clark of Beaverton, Oregon.  Todd joined the e-PRO Group after we resurrected it in August of 07.  Since the day he joined the Group, October 27,2007, he has been a consiste...
We all know the Real Estate Market isn't that great right now.  I hear of sales, sometimes multiple sales. I hear of this, but don't see it.  We all know that Real Estate is local, and so sales in one area doesn't mean sales in another.   Agents that aren't making sales might wonder, as I do, How...
Monday Morning, and what a beautiful day I plan to make it......I just looked at the calendar and realized Halloween is this week.  Wow, where did October go? Do you have your Pumpkin?  Do you even celebrate Halloween?  If you do here's a treat for you, and if you don't scroll past the pumpkins a...
A $300 Million Dollar Jail in Whitewater's Backyard has the 200+ Residents in an uproar. We didn't know about this proposed Jail until the latter part of September.  An emergency meeting was called for residents to try to get some of their questions answered, but actually there are more questions...
Today is Monday.....yea yea I know many of you don't like Mondays, and  I read on Twitter that my friend Nannette Saunders isn't liking her Monday so far.  Ahh a normal person, that actually has a bad day every now and then :)  But on the flip side, I sent out a request for someone in Florida.......
Why I love Real Estate....I was tagged by Sally Cheeseman to write this.  I had never even thought of a Career in Real Estate, but once I entered this Profession I liked it.  I had previously worked with families in trouble, abused and neglected kids, juvenile delinquents, andpeople that needed h...
How many times have we been confronted with Poverty, stark poverty that rips your heart out every time you see it until you get to the point that all of your tears are locked into a place that is safe from daily interactions? Not the United States version of poverty where even the poorest have it...
Week-ends are a time for relaxing with family and friends...at least that's what I always thought.  Growing up we did our Saturday chores as fast as we could, so we would have time to hang out, and play.  Well, as Grown-ups we still want time to play. Incorporating what we enjoy into a day of fun...
I just finished commenting on your Post and was going back to My Home Page, but when I clicked My Home....I saw States....."States, what is States?"  I looked and clicked and found out that now Active Rain has added several different ways to find our blog.  They've been telling us for awhile abou...
The 4th Friday of September in California is Native American Day.  In honor of this day, and the Native People, "Indian Week was celebrated around the State." Over this  week-end the 18th Annual Thunder and Lightning Pow Wow was held on the Morongo Reservation.  In Banning there was also a nice e...

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