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I'd be lying if I didn't say I like it when I get recognition for my writing, only if it's good that is.  And I believe all of us like recognition.  So how would you feel if you wrote a Post and it got Featured not once, but several times :) How would you feel if your Peers actually decided the C...
As we start today, Martin Luther King Day, let's all reflect on the ideas that have gotten us to this moment in our History.  Let us all work together to help our communities to overcome the problems we are facing.  Real Estate is more than "making a buck" it's the backbone of our American lives....
Saturday morning in Southern California, sun not high in the sky yet, but definitely working it's way to a nice spot.  It's early in the morning, and I was just stirring from a great sleep when the phone rang.  I didn't know what time it was so I answered..... "Hello, I am standing at this lot an...
Well I started my week a little down, OK a lot down, and decded to end it with a fun Post, something light, yet Real Estate Oriented.  Oh how I wish we could really do this.... LOL :)  On a recent Twitter exchnage someone mentioned showing Foreclosures in freezing weather, and I said well at leas...
Today is Monday, and as I wait for my first cup of coffee I try not to let the tears flow.  I'm way too old for a mid-life crisis yet the tears are welling as I set out to write this. All I was going to do was put together my typical Monday Post of Inspiration, and highlight 2 People that Inspire...
If I could just Post 140 characters like Twitter I wouldn't have to worry about spell check or anything else.  Think of all the time I would save learning if all of the Social Media sites limited what we wrote.  All day I have been reading about basic HTML, and how to put it into my Squidoo Lens,...
 Real Estate is cyclical....what goes up must come down, and what is down will come up.  Be smart in your Real Estate dealings, look at the Big Picture. In these tough economic times people are getting scammed, losing their jobs, not being able to make the mortgage, or trying to figure out how to...
How many of you paid your dues and realized that lo and behold they raised the prices?  Not by much, just $5, but did they really need to?  Look how many people couldn't afford to pay....yet instead of helping the REALTORS® by giving a break on dues, they increase them.  Yes, you just have to lov...
      I have just spent the first couple hours of 09 reflecting on the good from last year and all the idiosyncrasies that occurred from my Active Rain Blogging.  After over a year and a half I learned some things yesterday that made me think.  And think I did...Who Follows us, and why?  Why do t...

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