active rain: Monday Morning Gifts: Who said there isn't any Hope, we did it :) - 03/02/09 02:51 AM
One year ago-a look back is also a look foreward. March is here, and in many parts of the country Spring has also arrived.  I wrote the following Post a year ago, when so many of us were hit with a struggling Real Estate market.  2008 was a tough year, and so many people lost their homes, their jobs, and we in the Real Estate field lost a lot of our friends.  Yes, it was a tough year, but looking at this Post gave me a lot of almost all of the people are still here.  I can't say that … (22 comments)

active rain: Active Rain is one of the best resources for California REALTORS-ask CAR - 02/26/09 07:45 AM
Everyone that knows me knows I'm basically honest, and wouldn't endorse anything I didn't believe in. I believe we should never blindly follow anyone, I don't care how important everyone else thinks they are. Personally I want to make sure that my choice fits my own needs, and those of my clients.  Well, today I am very happy with Active Rain, and especially a couple people that showed me the right way to use this great resource.

This morning I sent out a Group email to the members of SO CAL Pass Area Communities and other Interests thanking them for their participation … (23 comments)

active rain: What do Squidoo and Active Rain have in common - 01/10/09 02:32 PM
If I could just Post 140 characters like Twitter I wouldn't have to worry about spell check or anything else.  Think of all the time I would save learning if all of the Social Media sites limited what we wrote.  All day I have been reading about basic HTML, and how to put it into my Squidoo Lens, as well as how to write better, run faster, and every other word and phrase to say write something someone will want to read.
I have decided that 2009 is going to be my year.... learning new things, and hopefully learning them well enough to increase … (21 comments)

active rain: Active Rain: Love what you do and do what you love - 12/18/08 05:19 AM
"We don't have to be #1.....all we have to do is keep writing ....add a few more articles, some pictures, Market Conditions,  and  Neighborhood News. We just have to be consistent, and real.....that is what will get our Blog read."  I am in the midst of judging one of the hardest contests I've been involved with to date, just as my Points rolled over the 200,000 mark.  I find it very apropos that I am giving back just as I passed this magic number, as that has been the mark of my time on Active back to the Community.

active rain: Online Activities: Twit this, Tweak that, Highlight here, and Recommend there - 11/15/08 11:50 AM
Remember that old saying, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing?"  That's how I feel right now.  I feel like I've been online ALL much to do and so little time.  Little time my foot, looks like I used all of it up. It started with Twitter and e-mails and ended here writing this. I twittered this morning, and got off to go do something else.

Ahh but then I had to go check our new Photography Group on Flickr....need to add a few photos, and remind people about tags. 
Ok, that didn't take long, but then I … (25 comments)

active rain: Best of the Web: Easy non-techy tech tools and sites for non geeky people - 11/08/08 02:01 PM
Best of the Web-I have been all over the Web trying to read what others have recommended.  Whew, a daunting task at best, but I just hate it when my friends know more than I do. I also found where everyone I knew went. So, thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin I have found the people that I missed,some new people, and new places and things. What a time it's been :)
As an Active Rain Member I thought I would share the following with you. Here are a few of the places I've been, and what I learned.  I am sure most … (33 comments)

active rain: Monday Morning - Unexpected Rewards/Gifts from Blogging - 10/20/08 09:30 AM
Today is Monday.....yea yea I know many of you don't like Mondays, and  I read on Twitter that my friend Nannette Saunders isn't liking her Monday so far.  Ahh a normal person, that actually has a bad day every now and then :)  But on the flip side, I sent out a request for someone in Florida....and another friend Audrey June-Forshey called me with the name and number of a great resource down there.  She had already made a how great is that?  So, my Monday has already started with some of the unexpected rewards from Blogging.


active rain: Active Rain: States we now have States and Provinces - 10/09/08 04:10 AM
I just finished commenting on your Post and was going back to My Home Page, but when I clicked My Home....I saw States....."States, what is States?"  I looked and clicked and found out that now Active Rain has added several different ways to find our blog.  They've been telling us for awhile about the new Channels, well here they are :)
 I am really starting to feel like a needle in a haystack.  I know this is good for the consumer, but I don't know what State someone is in except my Favorites :) I am really really glad that I know … (18 comments)

active rain: Show You Care....Thanks Twitter and ActiveRain for being Good Global Neighbors - 10/04/08 12:29 PM
Social Media...we keep reading how blogging is good for business, and for networking. As a member of Active Rain, whether new or old, we have learned what it means to be a part of a community, something bigger than just ourselves.  As a member of Twitter we have expanded ourselves even that big outside world of the Internet. Well, both Twitter and Active Rain are being called upon to be even larger members of the Global Community of Humanity.  All of us are being asked to participate in Blog Action Day 2008. And both Twitter and Active Rain are's how you … (38 comments)

active rain: Time Management and Blogging.....I don't want to wait till 6 to share a laugh - 09/10/08 05:56 AM
It's almost 10:30am CA time, and I have been laughing for over half an hour, and want to share my new discoveries with you.....but I can't. At least not till after 6 tonight.  You see I have a new Time Management Agenda, made last night after reading Clair C's Post The Importance of Having a Routine.  Whatever happened to being a FREE SPIRIT :)
I changed out my new pretty pictures I had for something that would keep me focused, but I didn't expect to have so much fun on-line this morning and not be able to share it.  But … (29 comments)

active rain: Tuesday Truths- Do you really trust other Real Estate Professionals? - 09/02/08 08:40 AM
Blogging helps us to let others know who we are, and what we have to offer, whether it's hard core skills, or inspirational messages.  But do you really trust the person you are reading?  We can learn so much if we are open to new ideas, and take the time to see who is behind a blog. Staging was a term I had never heard of until I joined Active Rain.  This Real Estate Network has so many different fields of expertise.
I read some Staging and Feng Shui articles but it wasn't until I looked on my County Dashboard that I saw there … (81 comments)

active rain: Marketing: Learning from Marti Garaughty & "Art of Marketing You" Tutorials - 08/30/08 03:33 PM
The Art of Marketing You Group, here on Active Rain, has become my new best friend.  I love new ideas, and love things that can increase my business.  Like so many people, time seems to be more abundant than money these days. Reading Active Rain, and other Real Estate Networking sites  keeps us on top of any new changes to the Market, or anything new for Marketing or Technology.  Following marti garaughty's Blog and Wallpaper Tutorials is like a soap opera....each week we just want more :)
Well, Marti's last Post............was a great Tutorial on how to make our own Wallpaper.  … (26 comments)

active rain: Monday Morning...a simple gift....Friends - 08/25/08 07:22 AM
No matter what job we have, no matter how many social networks we belong to, it's all about relationships.  Who are your friends?  Who's on your Subscribed List...Do you even know most of these people?  Today think of what makes a Friend....either online or off.  Today let at least one of your Friends know you care.  Life is too short to not let people know they are important.

Today....that might be all we have.  So today I would like to Introduce someone that consistently contributes to  Active Rain although I rarely see many comments on her Blog.
I have written … (27 comments)

active rain: Active Rain.....It's Broke but Please don't fix it :) - 08/01/08 12:11 AM
You just gotta love Active Rain......they fix one thing and another breaks.  Reminds me of a cartoon plumber.  The last couple of days (or maybe just yesterday and today) I was commenting and noticing something missing.....

Yep most of the Posts didn't have that little fruit thing we had to do before pressing submit.  Hey, I liked that....especially since I didn't always get the dang graphics right and would have to redo them anyway.  So tonight (actually it's 5 in the morning) I was on one Post and I had to do a graphic and another where there wasn't one......

active rain: Tuesday Truths......Why the #1 can be the Loneliest Number in Real Estate - 07/08/08 06:02 AM
"People, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world"......these are words I remember from Barbara Streisand appropriately named "People."  So, if we need people, and Real Estate is a People Business, then why do we work alone?

As I wrote last week I have closed down my other Office. 
Boy that was hard.  A lot of memories came flooding over me as I drove into town, and again as I pulled into the parking lot.  I remembered all my hopes and dreams, and sitting outside at the little table talking to people that were going … (36 comments)

active rain: My 200th Post........Trials of Changing Internet Browsers to Firefox - 07/04/08 07:08 AM
Some days I just feel old, but thankfully most days I have a lot of energy, and am willing to learn new things.  Trying them, on the other hand takes a lot of trust, and knowing that there is a learning curve, which of course for me means frustration, causes indecision.  Well I finally listened to The Blog Artist marti garaughty , and am using the Firefox Internet Browser.

When I first downloaded Mozilla Firefox , I wasn't sure if my poor little tablet had enough memory for everything. Any new technology can be like pulling teeth trying to … (47 comments)

active rain: Blogging with a Heart.....Will we remember you when you're gone - 06/26/08 10:50 AM
This is a social network, and many of us also belong to other social networks, chat rooms, etc. where we meet people that we call "friends".  But what happens when that friend leaves, or you don't read anything from them for a long time. Do you think of these "living in my computer" friends and colleagues, or is it out of sight out of mind?  Today I remembered a dear AR Friend that is no longer with us.
Today I have been working on several Real Estate related articles for my outside blog  California Real Estate and Life.  As a Veteran myself … (30 comments)

active rain: Monday Morning.....the Gifts of marti garaughty that keep on giving :) - 06/15/08 05:10 PM
Designing a website or blog.....Pitfalls encountered when we aren't focused and lessons learned.
About a month ago I wrote a Blog Titled: Get out of your comfort zone and learn something....Blogs 101.   How premature that desire was to have someone design a new Blog for me.  Heck I wasn't even focused enough to be able to articulate what the Blog would be used for.  Oh sure, I could say anything, but the reality is without being focused, how does the Designer know what to do for you?  How do they know how to maximize your site for your benefit?  And what do you do … (51 comments)

active rain: Blogging Buddy kills 125........What!!! Turn it up Joe - 06/04/08 11:12 PM
Killing 125, why is it that we turn up the TV to hear this type of news or click on the links to read about it online? Why is it that we want to know about this awful occurence, even though it's not necessarily relatable. What happened? Who did it, and where was it?  Our emotions churn and we want to know more.  Add to that the number 125 and our senses are overwhelmed.....Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How....this is all we want to know.

Joe Blow  killed 125 people 
Would you take the time to read that?  You bet you would.  But change that headline now, get … (43 comments)

active rain: Hey Where did You changes on our comments - 05/09/08 05:14 AM
Hey, I was just visiting a few people's blogs and leaving comments when I got a pop-up saying someone commented on my Post.  Ok, I wanted to finish reading Neals Post before going to check mine out....but once I got there.....hey where did I go?  What happened to my name?
I just noticed that all my carefully crafted comments by Kathy McGraw- CA Broker......have been replaced by CELLing no.......CELLing Realty is a part of me, but who cares?  I want my name back!!!  I want you to know that a person cared about you, not a Company trying to get … (29 comments)

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