flickr: Flickr: Who is looking at your Photos? - 12/30/08 02:57 PM
You just never know what may happen on the Internet.  I found this out when I received an email on Flickr about a photo I had uploaded the other day. The email said they found the photo (must have been because of the tags) and it was perfect for a story that they were writing, and could they use it. 

There was a link to the site with the story, which turned out to be a snippet of a story.  Regardless though, my photo did indeed fit with the theme, and so I agreed to let them use it.  … (39 comments)

flickr: Networking on Active Rain and Off: Meet GypsyOwl, Nannette and Lola - 12/08/08 12:04 PM
Monday Morning-The start of something new, and hopefully everyone's up for it. It's actually Monday afternoon and I just read that Carole Provenzale successfully resolved her long time fight to get compensated for the flood she had in her home.  Congratulations Carole.  We all know the power of "The Rain" but how about the Power of another network that affects us here?

Photo Courtesy of Nannette Saunders under the Creative Commons License
I have been on Active Rain for a while now, and it never ceases to amaze me how deeply people seem to care about others on here. Most of us have … (19 comments)

flickr: Blog Photos: How to use images from the Internet and not get sued - 11/13/08 09:46 AM
The other day I had an idea, and decided to open a Group where we could share some pictures with each other, and not have to worry about all the Copyright stuff. The Flickr Group is  called:  Foto Share Shop for Bloggers .  Any Active Rain Member, or other Blogger is welcome to join, and use the Photos in the Group for your Blogs. 

Each of these Photos, and more, are available for you to use if you are a Blogger.  They are available for WEB use, but the person who took the photo did not give permission to use … (81 comments)

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