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The number one and most obvious reason is that a huge amount of buyers simply don't have enough cash to pay their agent in addition to paying their loan costs, down payment (if any), and moving into their new home.OK, so why not just roll it into their mortgage???Great concept but in practical ap...
At the current Internet edition of Fortune magazine they're predicting the top 100 real estate markets for 2007."What will happen to the value of your home next year? We asked Moody's and Fiserv Lending Solutions to crunch the numbers for the top 100 markets in the United States."Nash...
Every now and then you might be asked by a seller or buyer if seller financing could be an option to make a transaction work. A common scenario might be for a buyer to ask a seller to take back a small second mortgage (we're talking about a legitimate, recorded, and disclosed second here) in orde...
That's right boys & girls, today is December 20th, 2006; after today it will only be 12 more days until January 1st, 2007!What does your 2007 look like so far???Have you set any goals for the new year???I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind but I haven't committed to the "Official 2007...
OK, so you bought a $4.95 sign at Wal-Mart, stuck it in the front yard, and right away the nicest young couple stop by and say your house is perfect for them."We want to buy it", they say."Wow, that was easy", you're no doubt thinking. You get out your Office Depot contract form, you all sign it,...
While deleting my daily overdose of spam that slips by my filters and I came across this one that looked mildly interesting: "Subject: I want to buy your house"Since it was a subject near and dear to my heart I clicked the link and went to their website."Sell Your House Fast" it s...
That's usually the way we start a football game in Tennessee but a little paraphrasing never hurt. My "Memor" was Leigh Brown. It's kinda tough to sit down and think of 5 things most people don't know about you that would interest them but I'll give it a try. 1.  I'm a former skydiver; my highest...
Along with the fine art of listening goes not only the art of conversation but the knowledge and wisdom to know when you've said enough.I'll never forget a story my father, a longtime truck driver used to tell every now and then. It seems to have been a common practice for truck drivers to take t...
During our recent state leadership conference we had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Bill Lindsley speak on the "Art of Stragetic Listening".His very informative and fascinating, keynote speech title was "Dancing on the Deck of the Titanic:  Lessons in the Art of Strategic Listening."Fascinating talk...
I just got home from our annual state association leadership conference. As usualy it was an interesting meeting full of new stuff, goals for 2007, strategic planning, and a couple of committee meeting along with 1 super speaker. Here's a list of the 10 most common things Tennessee real estate li...

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