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Carpenter Bees are swarming right now and they could be eating your house. They love any sort of soft, unpainted wood such as deck rails, outside buildings, soffits, and other areas they can bore into and build a new colony. The most telltale sign of their activity are little piles of sawdust. U...
Tennessee women's softball. The lady Vols won both sides of a double header again Georgia last week. Come to the game and see if they can do the same again Alabama. Friday, May 1st, 6 pm, and Saturday May 2nd at 3:00 pm. Sherri Parker Lee Stadium is a first class softball stadium on campus with ...
The new federal program to help homeowners stay in their homes by lowering their interest rate and payments by either modifying their existing loan or refinancing that loan is now open for business. One of the best parts about this program is that there is no charge to homeowners. I know there ar...
My wife and I are members of the Beaver Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church (BCCPC) in Powell, Tennessee where I am currently serving a term as a Session Member (basically the Session is the Board of Directors of our church). Our church, like other Cumberland Presbyterian churches, participates ...
    Should I buy a home in Knoxville, Tennessee now? A question lots of potential buyers are asking themselves now. So what’s the answer? The answer depends a lot on you and the reasons you’re thinking of buying. Generally if you plan to live in any home you buy in Knoxville for at least the next...
This Easter Sunday is a bright sunshiny day with clear blue skies overhead although it’s still a bit chilly at 52 degrees outside. This week’s property transfers from the Knox County Registrar of Deeds office brings the biggest numbers of the year with a total of 187 pieces of real estate finding...
  Great information. There are lots of areas in Knox County and around that qualify for this sort of financing. Here are the family income limits for this program only. One person: $49550 Two people in family: $56600 Three in family: $63700 Four in family: $70750 And on up to $93,400 for a family...
One of the things I enjoy doing and that helps my listings not only sell but stand out from the others is to produce inexpensive and eye catching printed materials like flyers, just listed & sold post cards, brochures, and other printed items. You don't have to hire a graphic artist or expensive ...
As I was walking into my office today I noticed a yard sign standing beside the front entrance. Nothing unusual there; other agents drop them off all the time from closed listings. But this one was a little different and too rare these days; it had a big SOLD sign sticking on top. I often wonder ...
04/10/2009 which surprisingly is not a real estate firm or a relocation company, but rather a clearing house for people needing actual moving services, insurance, storage, and related, also keeps track of not only who's moving but where they're going to and from. Here's their research statist...

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