backyard: Keeping Koi Cool in Hot Temps - 08/21/19 02:36 PM
Japanese Koi are cold-water fish. Their ideal water temperature is between 70-78 F. They become stressed as temps creep up to and past the 90's F. Many things happen when the water temperature rises that affect the health of your koi. Does this mean you can't own outdoor koi in Arizona, California or other states with very hot summers? No. But, it does mean you have to be extra vigilant during these heat waves, and you have to take several precautions long before. Let's see how we can set your friends up for a comfortable life wherever you live!
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backyard: Thank You for Answering, I Heard You - 02/17/19 05:17 PM

I asked a question on here a couple weeks ago about whether realtors saw koi ponds as an added value or not. It got removed because someone who was helping me turned the sincere question into something that felt (and was) salesy and inauthentic, and I would like to apologize for having that be my first introductions to many of you.  I still got to read through the answers, though, and was surprised by how many said it was seen as a bane.
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backyard: 3 Ways to Winterize Koi Ponds - 01/23/19 03:07 PM
Koi ponds add tremendous value to a home, both emotionally and financially.
 These long-lived, peaceful creatures create a tranquil experience that you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime. For a more in-depth look, we have a longer guide about tips for caring for your koi in winter.
Here, I wanted to breifly outline three options for the pond itself that will ensure your koi are healthy and well when they wake up in the spring! If you are just starting your koi family visit us to see the highest quality Japanese Nishikigoi koi fish for sale. 
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