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What's In Your Survival Kit? As I mentioned in a Blog a few weeks ago, my van got stranded in a snow drift during Ocean City's first blizzard-like snowfall.  Since the Ocean City police had commandeered all of AAA's tow trucks, my van remained stuck for 2 days!  My only option was to stay at a ne...
How Do YOU Read a Blog? In the past, I'd read a blog, read ALL the comments and then write my opinion. But then I got to wondering if I was really giving MY OPINION or was I being influenced by someone else's thoughts/opinions/ideas? My latest way of reading Blogs is to read the Blog , give it so...
Dressing DOWN For Success!  This might sound a bit strange but I had to change my mode of dressing when I moved to OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND! I started in real estate in 1986 in Severna Park, MARYLAND.  This was a PRIMARY market area. Because we are judged on how we present ourselves, it was suits (no...
I Felt Like I was in Grade School Today!  While sitting here in Ocean City, MD, reading Activerain blogs (and gathering great new information... thank you, The Lovely Wife!) the fire alarm went off!  Since I haven't heard an alarm since I was little (oops! not true!!!!  I taught school for 17 yea...
Let's Experiment... 2 Extra Hours of FREE TIME in Every Day! Recently I recommended the book "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferriss.  I started to think about something Timothy suggested in his book.  He suggested that we all STOP listening to, or reading about.... THE NEWS! So let's do an exp...
Per Sam Miller's suggestion in his Activerain Blog, I signed up for Google Alerts!  It's only been a couple of days, but I've already received VALUABLE information that I wouldn't have known about without Sam's great Blog! The first day I put in my Listings.(I haven't fine tuned this area yet! We...
Being an avid reader/listener,( I listened to the tape-twice!) I just finished "The 4 Hr. Work Week" by Timothy Ferriss.  It was so "let's think out of the box"! Timothy describes his life's trials & tribulations and then goes on to ask the reader to change his/her way of thinking.  He requests t...
Two weekends ago, I continued to work  as the "light dusting" of snow fell from the sky in OCEAN CITY, Maryland! On Coastal Highway, which I could see from my window, the cars were moving nicely, though the snow continued to fall.  What I hadn't considered, was the wind swirling the snow around m...

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