activerain: 8 years and 300,000 points later - ActiveRain..... I Still Love You - 07/20/15 03:59 AM
I still remember that day I called my brother, (July 2007) I said, Rick, do you know anything about blogging, the reason I ask is our MLS is offering it up, and I was thinking about subscribing to it?
He laughed a little, see he was a big-shot with Real Estate marketing firm, very successful one, and proceeded to remind me that he signed me up with a new company "ActiveRain" and they looked kind of promising....... He said if I was going to try blogging, I should do it with them, and the rest is history! 
July 3, 2007 @7:37pm, I embarked on a new journey.
How … (0 comments)

activerain: What Is The Meaning Of 808? - 05/26/15 03:18 AM
Living in Hawaii for the last 30 years,  when someone says "808" it instantly brings happiness, warmth and most of all "Aloha".  808 is actually the area code for the State of Hawaii,  also called the "808 State" there are several business's with "808" in the name. But its more than just a number, it brings a smile to someones face if you mention it. I have been at the tables in Vegas (its easy to spot someone from Hawaii), and if you were to look over at them and make simple statement that included "808" in it - you would … (13 comments)

activerain: - 900 - - 06/10/11 12:45 PM
Wow, I just logged in and my homepage said I have  reached a total of 900 Comments Recieved"  on my blogs, I wanted to thank you guys. I need to do some catching up my "Comments Left" column though 
I think the Limos show up at 1.000 - dont they? 
Aloha and Mahalo ActiRain - your the best ! 


activerain: Facebook Business page users: you need to read this - 06/10/11 10:34 AM
(Blog has totally changed from original)
Sorry guys, I thought I had a great idea, but I recieved alot of feedback most of it actually good, but there was enough negative feedback to make me rethink it - and I am very happy with the new look.
Tell me what you think - you need to go to my facebook page to get the feel for what it looks like as your Profile photo 
And - feel free to download this photo below and change it with your photo editing software - thats all I did - take a … (7 comments)

activerain: Facebook Fridays - for June 10, 2011 - 06/10/11 09:27 AM

Ok, Here is my facebook fridays report for June 10, 2011
10 days into the month, and Facebook has now outpaced ActiveRain for "links back to page from external sites" 
Here is my top 5 links back, for the first 9 days of June - 502 from facebook - if your still sitting on the fence with your Facebook business page, its time to get off, and do something about it - do you guys realiaze I have almost a 1000 hits from AR &  FB - in just 9 days, There isnt a paid ad x 5, that … (14 comments)

activerain: Facebook Fridays - time to "like" 5 business pages - 05/27/11 09:25 AM

The Facebook Fridays group is designed to promote sharing with Facebook in mind. We encourage members to visit 5 Facebook pages of Rainmakers and give them a big thumbs up each Friday. We want this group to be a positive influence to increase our networks with each other on Facebook, support all of our Facebook pages, to learn more about Facebook for business and to get answers to the questions we have about Facebook. There will be few rules. Both posts and comments should be positive. This is not a forum for debate. Content which does not relate to … (2 comments)

activerain: Facebook Fridays, here is my list of Fellow Members that need our help - 05/20/11 07:43 AM

If you don't know about Facebook Fridays, take a stroll over and check them out. Basically we all get together on Fridays and help each other get your "likes" to the minimum 25, so you can get your designated business page - for free! And we all like FREE. 
So Here are my 5 - feel free to ad yours in below in the comments, and giver your fellow activerain friends a helping hand. 
Don't forget - even if they already have 25, even more "likes" helps you through the rankings, and with tracking. 
Happy Aloha Facebook Friday 
And … (5 comments)

activerain: Zillow preview of New Listing , Kailua Kona, Hawaii on Alii Drive near Lava Java - 05/17/11 06:54 AM
Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Featured Short Sale Specialist, and Realtor, Lance Owens … (0 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain - your still the best! How many of you actually track your website stats? - 04/05/11 09:33 AM
Are you still sitting on the fence, wondering if you should blog? Wondering what ActiveRain is all about? Wondering where to put your money at? Newspaper? Home Magazines? Websites? Let me save you some time and money. I purchased 50 web domains, and used a different one in every ad I placed - In the newspaper I would use , in the Magazine I would use , in the other home magazine I would use, you get the picture - kind of like those 800 number that track where people see your ad at. I would then forward … (4 comments)

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