bill 108: Hawaii's New Short Term Rental Ordinance - News and Updates July, 2019 - 07/11/19 02:32 PM
I wanted to share a few takeaways from yesterday's meeting with the planning department. First, a Bill becomes an ordinance once it goes into law - prior to, they are always bills - that’s the reason for the change from Bill 108 to the Ordinance 18-114 .
Big Mahalos to the West Hawaii Association of Realtors (WHAR) for being at the forefront of this, and the Planning Department (PD) for their participation, Thank you WHAR members, Mike Drutar, Marissa Ashley, Brian McCourt, Karin Shaw, Linda Swanson and from the planning department, thank you Libby Gillis and Michael Yee.
Disclaimer, this is NOT A LEGAL Opinion, do not base … (0 comments)

bill 108: Rule 2 to Rule 23 to Bill 108 - Hawaii Vacation Rental Rules - 03/22/19 08:57 PM
Updates March 22, 2019
I'm going to go out on a limb here, and guess you've already heard about Bill 108 (Ordinance 18-113). 
You also know that Rule 23 (draft 2 updated the 20th) is the basis for the rules on Ordinance 18-113,  
What you probably don't know is that the Planning Department has now "slipped in Rule 2". (here is the notice)
This will give the Planning Department new powers to make up rules as the director feels needed, and apply them when they wish.
With the feedback I received on the public hearings.... Planning Director Micheal Yee made … (1 comments)

bill 108: Hawaii Short Term Vacation Rentals in Jeopardy of Being Shut Down - 02/21/19 10:39 AM

Real Estate News for February 21, 2019 Bill 108 and Rule 23 Updates:
      As the 2018 President of West Hawaii Association of Realtors (WHAR) , I watched, and worked closely with our Government Affairs Committee when they met with local officials and assisted them in understanding some of the unintended consequences that will happen as this Bill 108 became law.  They had success in some areas, and are working with officials on other areas. (they have 100s of hours and countless meetings gathering information and distributing them ) 
I have to give a huge shout out and Mahalo to the West Hawaii Association of Realtors Government … (0 comments)

bill 108: $30,000 Fines Proposed for Illegal Vacation Rentals (Bill 108) - 01/23/19 01:05 PM

Hawaii County Planning Department has proposed fines of $30,000 for property owners that violate our new ordinance 18-114,  or better known as "Bill 108" 
In the blink of an eye, we have gone from the "Wild, Wild West", to the most "Policed" State in the Nation. 
Don't get me wrong, Bill 108 has its pros and cons, but $30,000 a day in fines is neither a  "pro" nor "con", it's just pure INSANITY! 
Think about this now:
"You have been legally renting your home out as a vacation rental for years now, you plan on retiring here in 2021, you have been  "offsetting " your home ownership cost … (1 comments)

bill 108: Hawaii's Bill 108 Becomes Ordinance 18-114 Short Term Vacation Rentals - 01/03/19 02:52 PM
Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) LUVA Real Estate here, bringing you the latest real estate news.      Hawaii's controversial Bill 108 (draft 7) has now been made into “Ordinance 18-114” (see below) putting heavy regulation on Short Term Vacation Rentals in Hawaii, specifically Hawaii Island.
 West Hawaii Association of Realtors (WHAR) put a tremendous amount of effort into trying to protect homeowners’ rights as the county moved forward with this “less than perfect” new Bill 108.  
It was important to us ALL that homeowner rights were being protected….. we had some partial success on this.
Quick note,  as a Realtor, I am neither … (1 comments)

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