market report: April Housing Minute [Video] - 04/30/19 01:59 PM
Your April Real Estate Minute with Lance Owens (RS) of LUVA Real Estate
and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) . Good information here and 
it only cost you a minute of your time - enjoy 
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market report: Pending Sales Surge: Great Sign for the Housing Market, Hawaii Incl. - 04/08/15 04:56 AM
The most recent Pending Homes Sales Index from the National Association of Realtors revealed that homes going into contract in February increased to their highest level since June 2013.
The Pending Home Sales Index is a leading indicator for the housing sector, based on pending sales of existing homes. A sale is listed as pending when the contract has been signed but the transaction has not closed, though the sale usually is finalized within one or two months of signing.
The Index is now 12.0 percent above February 2014. The index is at its highest level since June 2013, has increased year-over-year for six consecutive … (0 comments)

market report: Housing Inventory Slowly Disappearing , Kailua Kona and Nationwide - 03/26/15 03:23 AM
Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) here, with LUVA Real Estate bringing you our daily update.
We subscribe to several real estate websites just to keep up with what is happening nationwide, because it does affect what happens here also. Interestingly enough, before you read the rest of this blog take a look at local numbers. Average home for sale is 1.9 million? Almost 2 million. Do you know there are only 8 homes under $400,000 in all of North Kona and 2 of those dont count (been on the market 700 days). These are the black and white numbers, but really, you need … (0 comments)

market report: Kailua Kona Real Estate Market Recovery - Up 10% as of December 2011 - 12/03/11 10:07 AM

Kailua Kona Home Sales,  Year To Date sales are up 10.69 percent. If you follow my blogs, you know how I preach about not reading to much into the monthly numbers  (October up 33% - November down 3% - December tracking up 30%) and concentrate more on the larger picture - YTD numbers. Lets rewind a little bit, 2010 Home sales, were up 31% over 2009 - speaking of 2009, it was up 18% over 2008. 
2008 - we don't even want to talk about 2008 - OK, I mentioned the year, so here it is - 2008 was DOWN <39%> 

market report: Real Estate Recovery in Hawaiian Ocean View Estates, Hawaii - Up 100% in July 2011 - 08/01/11 03:22 PM
Thats no Typo guys - Ka'u, on the big Island of Hawaii,  July 2011 - seen a 100% increase in sales from July 2010. You want me to sweeten the deal some. Year to Date (YTD) sales are up 58%, Were not looking at some weird spike, no adjusted numbers, no excuses, we are just looking at the FACTS - black/white proof that the real estate is better than they want you to know. 
Just for fun - I went back to 2010 vs 2009, although July 2010, vs July 2009, was down for that particular month, the YTD was up … (4 comments)

market report: March isnt even over yet and Homes, Condos, and Land have all exceded 2010 numbers - 03/28/11 05:37 PM
March isn't even over yet - Homes, Condos, and Land have all exceeded 2010 numbers. in fact, Home and Condo sales have been outpacing previous years, usually by double digit percentage points, for OVER A  year now, and March is no exception. First question is - well ya look at the prices - and yes this does have a huge affect, I lost 2 of my offers last month to a bidding war. 1 of them, had the exact same unit - right next door, close at $89,000, the one across from it closed at $85,000 - this unit was listed at $99,000 … (3 comments)

market report: What is Selling in Hawaii ? Condos for Kailua Kona - 02/26/11 08:15 AM
Had a good question on one of my blogs the other day - I thought the answer deserved a blog of its own. You ever get those questions, and you really feel like you just know the answer without looking - well I'm glad I looked before putting my foot in my mouth.
We have had 45 sales, year to date, in the Kailua Kona area of the big island. SO what price range is selling?
0 - 100k = 7
100k - 200k = 21
200k - 300k = 11
300k - 400k = 2
400k - 500k = 1
500k … (0 comments)

market report: Kailua Kona MLS Statistics - Home Sales Up 12.9% for December 2010 - 01/07/11 06:07 AM
Not surprisingly Kailua Kona Home sales have increased for 2 years now, December was no let down, with an increase of almost 13% - that's pretty good - considering that Dec 2009 was up 121% - that's not a typo - 121% - over Dec 2008. According to the local newspaper retailers have reported a 15% - 20%  increase in December 2010 sales over 2009 (don't put a lot of weight into that report - this is the same newspaper reporting home sales are in a slump- and they interviewed the only Realtor in Kona - that hadn't sold a home here - … (0 comments)

market report: Hawaii MLS Statistics - Dec 2010 - Kailua Kona Condo Sales up 61% - 01/04/11 11:32 AM
Were not talking about a 1 month bump, or a little bubble along the way, this is 2010s track record for the year! Just about every single month in 2010,  exceeded the previous year  - looking at December 2010 sales - it was up 61% over Dec. 2009 - which by the way itself, was up 75% from Dec 2008
I think things are looking good for both sides -
Sellers:    Buyers are here buying
Buyers:    We are still back at an average of 2001 - 2002 pricing - great deals to be had. And interest rates - you don't need me telling you … (2 comments)

market report: Kailua Kona Condo sales continue to increase - Nov 2010 is Up 21% over 2009 - 12/04/10 06:46 AM
Realtor Lance Owens , your Kailua Kona, Condo Specialist, whether it is your retirement home, second home or vacation rental investment - I'm your guy
So taking a look at the stats, Hawaii MLS reported Kailua Kona Condo sales were up 21.43% over November of last year - what is really impressive - Year To Date - sales show up 88% .
The good news for Buyers is that the price's are still down - the good news for Sellers - there are Buyers out there - BUYING. I remember last year when prices were down, and no one was … (1 comments)

market report: It's Official - Kailua Kona Condo Sales Hit 2000 Pricing ! - 12/03/10 09:53 AM
I like to form my own opinion on what the market is doing, and I have found it to be a far better barometer of what is - REALLY - happening in the market, VS. all the "Official Reports", that are either "Market adjusted" or "Twisted" in some manor to to draw a conclusion that favors the person writing it.
So this highly Scientific method of mine, I think tells the true story
Of the 17 Condo sales for November - I pulled all the previous sales information on them, and found only 4 had sales around the year 2000-1 . SO -Theres … (0 comments)

market report: Still Interviewing for a Great Neighbor! West Hawaii Foreclosures, and short sales - 08/26/10 08:19 PM
Specializing in Kailua Kona Foreclosures, short sales, and bank owned properties , I wanted to let you know about one of the nicest bank owned property's out there. But first I need to interview you before I tell you about it.
1: you need to like motorcycles - our whole family rides dirtbikes.
2: you need to enjoy camping at secluded beaches
3: you need to have a 9 year old child - to play with my son.
4: you need to want to live in an area where the kids play out on the streets - until the streetlights come … (2 comments)

market report: I CHALLENGE Other Realtors to LOOK at your actual sales numbers - 08/26/10 08:38 AM
Front Page - yesterdays paper - HOME SALES CRATER AS GOVERNMENT STIMULUS DRIES UP - then, next to it in RED - Real Estate market remains sluggish in West Hawaii- and I am sitting there thinking - WHAT? - did I just wake up from a daydream, is this really not one of my best years yet? All these reports I follow - were they not real - then I remembered - OH YA - Our local press loves to spread doom and gloom, in fact one of my last disagreements with them was horrendous - FRONT page claims more gloom … (5 comments)

market report: Kailua Kona Market Report - Condo Sales up 33% for July 2010 - 08/03/10 02:42 PM
For the most part Kailua Kona real estate market has been on the increase for quite some time now, and as for Condos - we outsold 2009 by 33% . Not a bad July - in fact you have to go all the way back to 2006 to have a better July than the one we just had. I think this trend may continue after the latest edition of "Islands" magazine - they just rated the Big Island of Hawaii as the #1 spot in the world - to move to or live on! NUMBER ONE, thats over places like, Kauai, … (0 comments)

market report: Kailua Kona Home Sales - up over 21% May 2009 - May 2010 and up over 68% year to date! - 06/06/10 06:25 AM
Kailua Kona home sale have exceeded or at least met the previous years sales numbers for the last 13 months running. With Land sales up over 500% for may, and Condo sales up over 113% - this is more than just a blip, bump, bubble - its more of a trend now.
I have noticed properties that are priced correctly for the area are recieving multiple offers on the day of release, many in contract by the end of the week.
I really feel for the clients that just dont take our advice - and we write offer, after offer, after … (0 comments)

market report: Kailua Kona MLS Market Report - Condo sales soar 113% over May of 2009 - 06/06/10 06:10 AM
You know the rumor around town is - not - when will the market come back, it's more like - what month did it actually,  already come back!
With May of 2010 MLS numbers officially in - and sales increasing by 113% over last May, in fact looking back at the condo sales for the past 5 years - you would have to go back to the year 2005 to see more sales than we saw last month!
You know - I have been telling my clients this is great time to buy - i see many sales at prices below the … (3 comments)

market report: Kailua Kona Home Sales ROCK in the 4th Quarter ! - Kailua Kona, Hawaii the Big Island - 02/03/10 09:40 AM
Kailua Kona, more specifically - North Kona Home sales - Rocked for the last part of 2009, if fact they were so good they out did the 4th quarter for 2008, 2007, and 2006.
3rd quarter held its own also - I don't have the numbers in front of me, but pretty much the last 9 months  of last year were steady uphill climb.
So does this mean its over? - My crystal ball is over at the crystal ball repair shop right now, so I am going to have to go this one alone - but my guess is - Supply … (0 comments)

market report: The month is half over already and how is the Kona Real Estate Market doing? Tremendous !!! - 11/16/09 10:39 AM
So if you follow our local newspaper, you may tend to believe the Big Island is in tremendous despair - you need to go back and read my article about how the West Hawaii Today - HEADLINES - basically stated that a couple of weeks ago, and read how they interviewed a Realtor, now get this, had a total of 3 sales - TOTAL !!! in the last 5 years, here in Kona. It appears that he just moved here - I could go on and on, so never mind all that - HOW are we really doing !
Considering we … (2 comments)

market report: West Hawaii Today Newspaper misleading public on Real Estate FACTS ! - 11/06/09 06:39 AM
I have a real issue when our local news paper - WEST HAWAII TODAY - prints such a negative report about sales in our community. If you can imagine a respected newspaper, going to an agent, one that has a total sales count here in Hawaii (Big Island)  of 3, thats right THREE SALES. And quotes him throughout the article for reference points! Thats just not RIGHT !
So what do you do? You write an article here on Activerain, you guys have such a huge force when it comes to search engine results, I just hope that the truth gets … (0 comments)

market report: Kailua Kona Real Estate - Up over 60% for the month of October - 7 month trend - 11/05/09 01:30 AM
West Hawaii, more specifically the Kailua Kona area has seen a 63% increase over last Octobers sales - on Single Family Homes. This doesn't appear to be some blip on the horizon, at least not from where I sit. We have 7 months in row now that have at least met, actually 6 have exceeded, last years sales . This is great news for both Buyers and Sellers, here's why.
Sellers: Great News, the buyers are back, and they are opening up their wallets! (sales up 63%)
Buyers: Great News, nice selection of inventory, and as a general rule of thumb we … (0 comments)

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