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The world according a quirky perspective from someone who, after four kids, a dog, too many lizards, firmly subscribes to the K.I.S.S. principle of life...



All my homebuyers get Cashback, up to 1.5%  Sell a home for only 4.5% Total Commission DetailsPhoto GalleryView Rooms20155-Gainesville, VA 20155 (Greenhill Crossing)MLS #PW6451818 FOR SALE315999 height = 300-->Konnie McKee - Manassas Realty DirectManassas ...
Okay..I am working on my brokers license...and my goal is to start my own little brokerage firm.  One of the things I am interested in doing, in my local area is property managment, I don't know much about the ins and out of I am soliciting advice, opinions..or anything else.  I have lost...
Does anyone know how this whole thing works.  Short sale that is.. I understand the fundamental principle of it, meaning the seller is having a hardship wants to sell for less than they owe...but does seller have to actually be in default to sell the home, through a short sale...and how is a shor...
I had a suggestion to post my  listings on You Tube, I am thinking of taking video of my listings, and posting them, just to have a different avenue to advertise listings, Has any one done this, if so, have you had any response to that...don't know if it is worth the effort...
This is a followup from my last post....It keeps getting...interesing. Wally (that's what I am calling the mean agent I am dealiing with) I sent him the contract this morning....and he called me like a mad man today....but I was so busy showing houses...I could not get to the phone...W...
Yeah..I know not a word really...but it does...keep getting interesting..this Real Estate game that is.. Early on I figured out one very important thing...and that is... the Real Estate Community is a small will more than likely see an agent on more than one occassion, in other transac...
I have recently had a couple encounters with Consumers, looking to buy homes, who have been in touch with other Real Estate Agents.  That, in and of itself, is not a problem.  What I think the general public does not understand is how hard we agents work.  Consumers, if you are going to buy a hom...
I wrote a contract on a condo...listed for $249k.....I ran the comps, and came up with a number $232.... (my client didn't want to fool around with money back, so she basically made a net offer, based on what the other condos sold for w/money back) So.....I made the offer, the agent calls me and ...
I read an article in the local paper about home staging... It stated that when you interview a Realtor, one of the questions you should ask them you use a professional home stager...  I was a little ticked off frankly, I don't know about you...but my experience in the business has taught ...
All My Home Buyers get Cashback, up to 1.5% Sell a home for only 4.5% Total Commission. Details Photo Gallery View Rooms 22724-Jeffersonton (Culpeper County) FOR SALE...

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