ky: TOP SELLER MISTAKES! - 01/24/14 07:03 AM

Clean up. Fix up. Throw out!  Buying a home is not a logical decision, but an emotional one.  When people walk in your home and it doesn't "feel" right, they are done.  They don't get a warm fuzzy feeling if there is too much stuff - stuff can be anything from toys and trash everywhere, to personal collections that overwhelm the living space.  Also, as much as Home Depot and Lowe's would like to convince you that people LOVE painting and fixing up, they don't.  80% of today's home buyers are Gen X and Y.  When they are … (1 comments)

ky: Paying off collections is a good thing. Right? - 01/22/14 05:20 AM

Paying off collections is a good thing.  Right?
Yes, and No.  Paying off bills that have gone into collection is always a good thing.  However, if you are looking to get a mortgage loan, you might want to wait until after you get your loan to pay the collections.  Here’s what happens:  let’s say you decide you want to purchase a home.  The first step is to check your credit and make sure you don’t have any surprises on your credit report.  So, being a responsible consumer, you order your free credit report from  After reviewing it, … (1 comments)

ky: Using A Local Lender Will Insure Buying Success In Owensboro, KY - 01/22/14 04:53 AM

10 Reasons to Use A Local Lender
1.     Two Words:  Local. Lender.
When problems arise (and they will), what will you do when you call and keep getting sent to voice mail?  With a local lender, you can go to their office and look them in the eye.
2.    Power to Negotiate!  When a seller sees a pre-approval letter from a local lender they recognize, they have confidence that they too can stand eye to eye with the lender if necessary.  If there are multiple offers, the seller will be less likely to consider an offer from a … (1 comments)

ky: Top 5 Buyer Mistakes in Owensboro, KY - 11/27/12 07:52 AM
Top 5 Buyer Mistakes in Owensboro, KY
 1.      Basing your offer on the listed price.
 Some buyers always offer 10% less than the listed price.  What if the property is listed for $150,000 and is overpriced by $20,000?  Even if you offer 10% less / $135,000, you will still be paying $5000 too much.  Many times I have heard buyers brag that they bought a home for $20,000 less than the original list price.  The truth is, the house was overpriced by $20,000 from the beginning or it would have sold already.  To protect you, I will provide information on recent … (26 comments)

ky: Kentucky Unemployment Bridge Program - $148 Milllion Dollars Available for Owensboro, KY - 04/30/12 06:27 AM
Unemployed?  Taken a Pay Cut?  Don’t lose your home to foreclosure! 
Take advantage of the Kentucky Unemployment Bridge Loan Program (UBP).  This program is not credit score driven – so NO MINIMUM CREDIT SCORE.  The Maximum assistance is $25,000 or 12 months, whichever occurs first.  This money can be used to catch up your payments and/or make your payments. You do not have to be in arrears to qualify.
Participants must meet these guidelines:
 ·         The unemployment or income reduction related event must have occurred within the last 3 years prior to the date of application

ky: Need 4 Bedrooms? 3810 Wellington Ct., Owensboro, KY 42303. Outgrowing Your Home? - 01/11/12 09:34 AM

ky: Sale Pending! 1312 Waverly Place, Owensboro, KY 42301 - 01/11/12 09:14 AM

ky: Open House Sunday, January 15, 3:00 - 4:30, 43 Colonial Court, Owensboro, KY 42303 - 01/11/12 09:09 AM

ky: Open House Sunday, January 15, 1:00-2:30 3258 Settles Road, Owensboro, KY 42303 - 01/11/12 08:11 AM

ky: Short Sale Glossary - 05/26/11 09:53 AM
Short sale: occurs when the borrower sells the property for less than what they actually owe, thus the term "short sale".
"Possible Short Sale": This is a property that has been put on the market prior to getting the lenders approval for a short sale. Most short sale contracts will include language that says: "subject to lender (lien holder) approval"
Foreclosure: Property is sold at a court ordered sale to settle the debt owed to a bank or individual.
Bank Owned Property: a.k.a. REO (Real Estate Owned) property. Property taken into the banks' inventory after a foreclosure sale.
Loss Mitigation Department: … (2 comments)

ky: Getting the proverbial "Good Deal". Real Estate in Owensboro, KY - 04/11/11 07:36 AM
In 26 years of selling real estate I have worked with a lot of different people with different motivations for buying a home.  The most interesting buyers have always been the ones who were focused on "the good deal".  Of course, everyone wants to get a good value - I'm not referring to those buyers.  I'm referring to buyers who want to steal a property.  The tragedy of this kind of purchase is that the property may be priced low, (hence the perceived good deal) but there is always a reason the price is low, i.e.:  small master suite, small kitchen, … (0 comments)

ky: I see Red .... and mustard yellow....and cow manure green .... - 03/25/11 11:36 AM

(The following verse is to the tune of "What a Wonderful World")
I see walls of green ...
Red dining rooms ...
I see them all...
And my buyer does too ...
And I say to myself . . .
What a colorful house . . .  (that won't sell)
After showing about 40 homes to some out of town buyers this week, it once again became apparent to me HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO LISTEN TO YOUR HOME STAGER/REALTOR!  (Yes, I AM yelling!)
Time and again, my buyers would walk into a house and their feedback would be, "it's … (2 comments)

ky: Short Sales in Owensboro, KY - The Buyer's Side - 02/28/11 10:59 AM
It seems that many buyers are being led to believe that all the real home buying deals out there are short sales and repossessed properties. Not always the case!
Here are some things to consider for those buyers thinking of purchasing an Owensboro, KY short sale:
1. Prepare to wait...and wait...and wait. Most short sales are taking between 7 and 12 months to close. My personal experince has been that I have not heard anything (nada, zip, not a word) from the lender until the third or fourth month after the contract was submitted to them. By that time, all the documents … (1 comments)

ky: Do's and Don'ts of Home Buyer Incentives - 11/17/10 03:01 AM
Dos and Don’ts of Homebuyer Incentives Homebuyer incentives can be smart marketing or a waste of money. Find out when and how to use them. Read
Visit for more articles like this.

ky: Don't Miss "The Barber of Seville" At the Owensboro Riverpark Center - 10/21/10 11:08 AM

The Barber of Seville
November 6, 2010 - 7:30 p.m.RiverPark Center
Featuring The Kentucky Opera
You will laugh out loud as Rossini's comic opera, The Barber of Seville is presented with the Kentucky Opera. Following the huge success of the last season's Madama Butterfly, we are presenting a semi-staged version filled with intrigue, scandal, and enough characters to keep you guessing.
The storyline of Barber reads like a session with your favorite hairdresser! With subtitles, you will be in on every joke Rossini played in this Italian masterpiece!
Sponsored by:  Old National Bank, Guest Artist SponsorMargaret Holbrook in memory of … (0 comments)

ky: Tops In Lex - Lexington Kentucky's "People Magazine"! - 03/19/10 06:31 AM

Lexington Kentucky has a local treasure!  It's our Tops In Lex Magazine!  Maybe you've seen them around town because they are FREE to all!  In addition to a snazzy publication, there is also a great website:  There you will find photos of the latest Lexington events, an event calendar that is second to none and even recipes from your favorite local restaurants!  There's even a forum to "Sound Off" about the hot topic of the week!  Don't miss this Lexington treasure.  Click on the link or pick your copy and see what's shakin' in Lexington!

ky: Home For Sale In Lexington, KY - 410 Henry Clay Blvd. 40502 - 03/15/10 09:32 AM
410 Henry Clay Blvd, Lexington, KY 40502
Cozy Cottage in Fairway Subdivision.  All brick, 2 or 3 bedroom, Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, privacy fence, garage and storage building - $149,900  Call Karen to see inside 859-967-9929
ML# 1005557

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