kim peasleyparker: January 2012 Sumter South Carolina Market Report - 02/17/12 05:09 AM
  Market Summary Thru January 31, 2012       
The number of homes sold in the Sumter South Carolina in the month of January decreased from 67 in December to 49 in January.  Remembering the market is cyclical January is one of the lowest months for sales for several years.  Sumter real estate market it is typical for the market to show a steady increase through April and then stay fairly steady until September.      
Second the Median and Average home price in Sumter was down in comparison to prior months.  Sumter also saw a decrease in the Average $ … (0 comments)

kim peasleyparker: Fall Gardening in Sumter, SC - 09/07/10 04:38 AM
The oppressive summer temps seem to have left us at least on most days now.  For the next week our highs are in the low to mid 90”s meaning it is far more comfortable to get outside.  And overnight temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s make early morning treks out in the yard very enjoyable.   This year, we have decided to experiment in the garden.  Last year we planted brussel sprouts in the fall and we had to wait until spring to harvest them.  So this fall, we started talking about the fall garden in the spring.   We have … (4 comments)

kim peasleyparker: Buyer's Fall? - 09/02/10 05:50 AM
Fall is just about upon us in Sumter, South Carolina.  As the temperatures drop from sweltering summer to a cooler fall, the enjoyment of shopping for a new home increases.  As a buyer, if you are still in the market to purchase a home, fall brings more opportunities.  The Sumter Market has traditionally tended to have slower home sales in the last quarter of the year.  For a buyer, this means less competition in purchasing your new home. Many positives result for home buyers:
Buyers can take a little more time to decide if a home is right for them Buyers … (2 comments)

kim peasleyparker: Pre-Listing Consultation, Free for the Asking! - 09/01/10 03:28 AM
Fall also gives you the time to take on some of those projects you might have been putting off.  It also means that if you are considering selling your house on the next year, now is the time to consult a Realtor(R).  This consultation will be a great time to interview several agents and get some great advice on how to prepare your home for sale.   Be honest with the agents and tell them when you are looking at putting your home on the market and what your plans on.  A good agent will be glad to visit with you … (1 comments)

kim peasleyparker: Cooler Weather... Cooler Sales... - 08/31/10 05:21 AM
Everyone breathe a collective sigh of relief.  Cooler weather seems to be around the corner, but with that historically the best selling season of the year is over in Sumter South Carlina. The Sumter market has historically been most active during the summer months and from the end of September through the start of the New Year, the closing of residential real estate tends to slow.   This doesn’t mean that if your home is on the market, you take it off.  (Unless of course you truly feel you need a break.)  It simply means that there are less buyers out … (2 comments)

kim peasleyparker: May 2010 Market Update Sumter, South Carolina - 06/10/10 04:15 AM
Market Summary Thru May 31, 2010    
May was a busy month for closing transactions in Sumter, South Carolina.  While seeing 84 properties sell in Sumter County, we saw the pendings fall from 194 the end of April to 174 the end of May.  We are still seeing buyers in the market, but we are also receiving lots and I mean LOTS of phone calls for rentals.  Many potential home buyers in Sumter County, still qualify for the First Time Tax Credit.  Be sure and check it out!     In May Sumter county had 86 units close, down 2 units … (1 comments)

kim peasleyparker: Sumter Market Report January 2010 - 02/10/10 03:44 AM
Market Summary Thru January 31, 2010  
Sumter county in December 2009 had 45 units closed.  This is down from November and December, but considering the time of year and holidays, this is not unusual.  Buyers continue to be active in Sumter County.  The number of units pending increased from 98 in December to 127 at the end of January.  With this number we should see more closings in the coming months.          While Sumter is getting off to a slow start in 2010, if you look at the Monthly Units Sold January is normally a slower month … (1 comments)

kim peasleyparker: December 2009 Sumter, SC Market Report - 01/13/10 07:36 AM
    Market Summary Thru December 31, 2009    
Sumter county in December 2009 had 64 units closed.  This is down from November and December, but considering the time of year and holidays, this is not unusual.  There was a lot of buyer activity though with many buyers moving into the area.  The question that only time will tell is if we see an increase January and February.  We are currently a week and half into January and we are seeing closings.  This might not seem significant, but most home buyers close at the end of the month not near … (4 comments)

kim peasleyparker: November 2009 Sumter, SC Real Estate Market Update - 12/07/09 02:18 AM
Market Summary Thru November 30, 2009
In November the number of units closed decrease from 111 in October 2009 to 77 in November 2009.  October 2009 had the largest number of units closed in Sumter County since August 2007!  Sumter County has been close to this number in the past two years, but has not reached this number.  This number is also very impressive due to October is normally a month of slower sales in prior years.  November did decrease to 77, but to put this in perspective in it is the fifth highest month for 2009.  November is … (2 comments)

kim peasleyparker: September 2009 Sumter, SC Market Report - 10/13/09 03:39 AM
    Market Summary Thru September 30, 2009    
In September we saw the number of units close decrease from 83 in August 2009 t0 68 in September 2009.  This was a decrease from September 2008.  Though we are seeing some first time home buyers taking advantage of the $8000 Tax Credit, we are not seeing as many as was expected.  The tax credit does require the buyers to stay in the home for three years or repay the entire amount.  This is definately a consideration if you are in the military and might have to sell the home before … (1 comments)

kim peasleyparker: Wintergreen Subdivision Close to Shaw AFB - 09/24/09 05:34 AM

kim peasleyparker: Historic Sumter Home - 09/24/09 05:12 AM

kim peasleyparker: Linwood Plantation, Close to Shaw and Sumter - 09/24/09 04:08 AM

kim peasleyparker: August 2009 Sumter, SC Market Report - 09/22/09 07:53 AM
August 2009 Sumter, SC Market Report   Hope everyone had a good August and part of September.  From my talks with many Realtors®, we are seeing a very different market than what we have experienced in the past.  Yes, you can say "Duh, Kim, we all know that." But I am not talking solely about the level of sales.  I am talking about what is getting buyers' attention in properties.  All the Realtors® I have spoken with have found that homes they think will sell quickly do not.  Homes they think might linger on the market go under contract.  Buyers are … (1 comments)

kim peasleyparker: Wordless Wednesdays, Miss Maddie at Lake Keowee - 06/09/09 11:28 PM
This weekend we were able to visit Aunt Pam, Uncle Scott and Natalie at Lake Keowee in Oconee County.  The really scary part was the swimsuit is a 12 month size and she is only 4 months!!! 

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kim peasleyparker: Wordless Wednesdays - 05/13/09 08:34 AM

Ok, I think this qualifies as a Wordless Wednesday as no actual words are spoken.  If you do understand them, please let me know!     Kim Peasley-Parker AgentOwned Realty Sumter, SC Cell 803-840-7519

kim peasleyparker: Sumter, SC Real Estate Market Update April 2009 - 05/12/09 01:48 AM
Sumter, SC Real Estate Market Update April 2009 
First let me apologize about being so bad about doing market reports this year.  About the time I should have been doing February’s report, I had another project going on.  The project was 7 lbs 2 oz and 19 ½” long and totally adorable.  J  Madeline Marie was born on February 2nd, healthy and happy and that is all that mattered to her mom and dad.  Mom went back to work February 12th and hasn’t slowed down since.  I have listed several homes, done several competitive market analysises and also had … (3 comments)

kim peasleyparker: Sumter @ Six - 04/03/09 11:55 AM
  Sumter @ Six has been going on for several years in the downtown Sumter area.  Free concerts are scheduled the second Thursday of each month April through October.  There are a variety of artists that play at the events and all different types of music are covered.  The concerts are held at the Brody Pavilion on Harvin Street between Liberty and Caldwell Streets.    Bring your chairs and be prepared to enjoy the festivities.  You will be amazed by who is there.  Many restaurants from downtown are there selling food and beverages.    The Sumter @ Six series is kicked … (1 comments)

kim peasleyparker: April Fools a Flocking! - 04/01/09 05:50 AM
Flocking April Fools   Oh to April Fools Day!    I started out the day by congratulating my husband.  He is one year smoke free!!!  Now why someone would choose April Fools Day to quit smoking was beyond me, but he did and he has stayed smoke free for a year!  Wahoo.  Double celebration as the taxes skyrocketed on cigarettes today!!      I didn't think much about it being April Fools Day though, until I arrived at the office.  I had forgotten today was the first day of the Sumter Board of Realtors Flockings.  Last year, our local board started … (2 comments)

kim peasleyparker: 3985 Vinca, Wintergreen Subdivision, Sumter, SC - 03/27/09 06:45 AM

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