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Helpful Hints on Marketing and Selling Your Home   Tip #12: Head to the nursery When your house is up for sale, it's time to retire all those half-dead plants (both in your yard and in your house) that you keep thinking will come back to life some day. They make a mess by dropping leaves, and to...
A friend sent me a link to this video.  I am routinely asked about the economy.  How did we get into this mess?  How are we going to get out of it?  Click here to see a simple explanation. I understand the reactions to this video could be wide-ranging depending on your political views.  I am not ...
  Helpful Hints on Marketing and Selling Your Home Tip #1: Make a checklist Make a checklist to review any time a Realtor is bringing someone in to look at your home. Nothing fancy, just something to remind you to do all the little preparatory tricks on this list.   Tip #2: First impressions Fir...
If you're selling your home, make sure your home has "curb appeal." Remember, you can't change a first impression. If your home looks like a diamond in the rough, think about putting a small investment into cleaning up the outward appearance.Imagine that you are seeing the property as a potentia...
    What to Look for When Hiring an Assistant Your business has grown by leaps and bounds, and to continue on that upward spiral, you realize the need for a personal assistant. Keep in mind that your new hire will become as vital as your right arm, assuming if you choose wisely. There are several...
For quite some time I have been hearing people offer their theories as to when we will hit the bottom of the housing market.  So many are trying to time things just right so they can get the best possible deal.  The reality is that we will not know when we've hit the bottom until after that time ...
ARM Indexes: A 10-Year Comparison Licensed Mortgage Banker, NJ Department of Banking and Insurance. Licensed Mortgage Banker NYS Banking Department. Licensed by the PA Department of Banking and pursuant to the Secondary Mortgage Loan Act. Not an offer to enter an interest rate lock-in agreement ...
Cheap Alternatives for International Travel   We all know that international travel can be very expensive, but here are a few alternatives you may not know about.Consolidators - A consolidator is nothing more than a company which purchases large quantities of unsold airline tickets and passes th...
Choosing a Fixed Rate Loan   Fixed rate loans generally come with one of two options; the 30-Year Fixed and the 15-Year Fixed. If a borrower is planning on being in the same home for a long period of time, a 30-Year Fixed may be more attractive because it offers stability. The monthly payment wi...

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