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A good credit score translates into lower interest rates for home-shopping borrowers. In a mortgage lender's eyes, the higher your score is, the less risk you are, and the more likely it is you will pay off your debt. For this reason, borrowers with lower scores usually end up paying higher inte...
  You've already filed your 2008 tax returns and maybe you've already received your refund. That means it's too late to obtain the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers enacted by President Obama's Stimulus Plan, right? Wrong. The great thing about this tax credit is that you can still ge...
    Everyone makes choices. Their outlook on life, whether at home, at work, behind the wheel or at the theater, directly correlates to the decision to be either positive or negative. In essence, it's as simple as whether you see the glass half full or half empty. As author Stephen R. Covey puts...
Certain mortgage companies will pay top dollar to know exactly who is in the market for new financing. What's more, the major credit agencies not only allow files to be flagged whenever someone applies for a home loan, they actually sell this private information as leads to the highest bidders! ...
In order to obtain a home loan, a borrower is usually required to have a homeowner's insurance policy in place. Experts agree that the most important question homeowners should ask when shopping for a plan is the A.M. Best rating of each company. New companies pop up all the time, and homeowners...
  Consumers are often baffled by the home appraisal process. They may feel their home is worth a certain dollar amount, and therefore, the appraised value doesn't make sense to them. It is important to know that appraisal guidelines are dictated by the lenders. In many states, the lenders must d...
Money-Saving Tips from the Pros   Fresh rains in the early spring are symbolic of the season itself, offering a revitalizing cleansing of the outdoors. The warming weather also offers a reminder to homeowners that now is the ideal time to do a bit of spring cleaning.  After all, a bit of due dili...
      I once heard the expression, "Communication is the lubrication in your organization." That couldn't be truer, especially in the world of business. You simply can't over-communicate when dealing with clients. I find that the best way to eliminate the constant state of reactivity in which mos...
In theory, finding the right mortgage should be a fairly simple process. After all, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from, including Fixed Rate, Adjustable Rate, Hybrids, and Interest Only loans, to name just a few. Mortgages are available with interest rates ranging from an int...
    There is much give and take involved in negotiating a property purchase. That's why it's important to have a checklist of what you want to get out of the deal as a buyer. Bear in mind, the home must be appraised and the lender will be looking at the fair market value on a given property. Sin...

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