economic crisis: Mortgage Rate Update - 06/19/09 03:10 AM
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economic crisis: Is This The End? - 03/14/09 03:55 AM
When will the housing market bottom out?  That has been one of the most popular questions of the past year+.  I say we may have seen it this past week.
On Monday March 9th the Wall Street Journal asked the question Dow 5000? wondering if the stock marketwould continue to fall that far.  The next day began a four day rally that was boosted by news that Citi earned profits in January and February.  Throughout the week other banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America reported similar positive news. 
Looking back to the stock market collapse of 2000-2002, we … (4 comments)

economic crisis: An Opportunity of a Lifetime - 02/25/09 07:49 AM
Warren Buffet says, "A simple rule dictates my buying: Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful." While Mr. Buffet was writing about buying stocks, the same can be said for housing today.
Housing issues have permeated the economy both locally and nationally. This week, one index that tracks housing prices, S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, indicated home values fell the most since 1968, declining 18.5% in December from the year before.
Looked at from a different perspective, this means home prices have fallen to levels not seen in six to twelve years, depending on … (0 comments)

economic crisis: MASSIVE, NATIONWIDE INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE!!! - 02/24/09 08:44 AM
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For first-class financing service, call Karl Peidl of Superior Mortgage at 1-800-706-6671 ext … (6 comments)

economic crisis: Inside Story: New Stimulus Bill and Homeowners - 02/19/09 07:55 AM
Tax Credit for Home buyers

First-time home buyers who purchase homes from the start of the year until the end of November 2009 may be eligible for the lower of an $8,000 or 10% of the value of the home tax credit. Remember a tax credit is very different than a tax deduction - a tax credit is equivalent to money in your hand, as opposed to a tax deduction which only reduces your taxable income.
The tax credit starts phasing out for couples with incomes above $150,000 and single filers with incomes above $75,000. Buyers will have to repay … (0 comments)

economic crisis: The Economic Crisis - A Quick and Simple Explanation - 12/31/08 01:07 AM
A friend sent me a link to this video.  I am routinely asked about the economy.  How did we get into this mess?  How are we going to get out of it?  Click here to see a simple explanation.
I understand the reactions to this video could be wide-ranging depending on your political views.  I am not sharing this to spark any debates.  Just sit back, scratch your head, and share your thoughts. 

economic crisis: Why Now Is A Great Time To Buy A Home - 12/23/08 02:31 AM
For quite some time I have been hearing people offer their theories as to when we will hit the bottom of the housing market.  So many are trying to time things just right so they can get the best possible deal.  The reality is that we will not know when we've hit the bottom until after that time has passed.  Only then will we be able to look back and point at a specific moment as being the bottom.  Today we saw two economic reports released that illustrate why this is such a great time to buy a home.
Existing … (0 comments)

economic crisis: Can't Afford to Fly? - 12/22/08 12:54 AM

economic crisis: 4.5% Just A Dream??? - 12/08/08 03:13 AM
Last week everyone was a buzz with excitement.  The Treasury announced they would step up the purchase of Mortgage-Backed Securities issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in a coordinated move to drive home loan rates down to 4.5%. 
As rates have decreased the past week or so, mortgage companies saw an increase in refinance applications.  News of rates potentially dropping to 4.5% gave cause for many to take a wait and see approach in hopes of landing the lowest possible rate. 
Though the government buying Mortgage-Backed Securities does help drive down rates, it may have been quite careless to announce … (4 comments)

economic crisis: Gasoline $ense - 11/19/08 01:36 AM

economic crisis: We Have Spoken - 11/04/08 11:44 PM
Today is a day I've been looking forward to for almost 2 years... the day after election day.  I am now free to watch television or listen to the radio without being bombarded by political ads. 
The results are in and the people have spoken in record numbers.  Change is here... or it will be here on January 20th.  I do not consider myself to lean left or right.  On some issues I agree with one party and on other issues I agree with the other side.
Today, I am very optimistic.  Though no one has a magic potion for what … (16 comments)

economic crisis: Global Banks Unite in Unprecedented Rate Cuts - 10/09/08 01:23 AM

Ben Bernanke and the Fed brought financial aid to the streets, lowering the Federal Funds Rate and Discount Rate by 0.50%. In an unprecedented emergency move, central banks across the globe joined in lowering interest rates.
This move follows Washington's passing of the $700 billion Rescue Plan. From Wall Street to Main Street, a common concern has been heard by Washington. "We need money... no, let me rephrase that...we need cheap money."
Rates Could Rise From Here
Home loan rates have benefited from the weakness in the financial markets. Fixed rate mortgages remain very attractive. However, the Fed lowers … (2 comments)

economic crisis: How To Increase Your Business Using This Crazy Week - 09/19/08 08:26 AM
What a week!!!  It seems every morning I awoke to new earth-shattering economic news.  If you want drama, don't watch the new fall lineups on your favorite network, just watch the news channels.  The past month has brought us the collapse of big banks, bailouts of even bigger banks and insurance companies, natural disasters, and surprise running mates. Hollywood's best could not have thought this up.
Ok, don't watch the news channels.  Usually their so-called experts play great to their audiences, but display their lack of knowledge to those of us that know better.  This morning I saw one "expert" that I … (18 comments)

economic crisis: I.O.U.S.A - ONE NATION, UNDER DEBT, IN STRESS - 08/21/08 12:48 AM
Title: Warren Buffett, Pete Peterson & Dave Walker in Exclusive One Night Event Date: Thursday August 21, 2008 Description: Fathom and Roadside Attractions present I.O.U.S.A.: Live with Warren Buffett, Pete Peterson & Dave Walker in an exclusive one night event in select movie theaters nationwide. This event will include the critically-acclaimed documentary, I.O.U.S.A., and a LIVE discussion about America's economic crisis and what we can do to change course. The live discussion with America's most notable financial leaders and policy experts, including Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway; William Niskanen, chairman of the CATO Institute; Bill Novelli, CEO of AARP; Pete … (4 comments)


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