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This post is for the dog lovers out there.  Whether you live in Richmond Hill, GA and are thinking of buying a dog soon, or you already own a dog and are planning on moving here, this is information you want to have. To read the rest of the blog post, click here.
Real estate agents are big on staging, and for good reason.  For those not familiar with the term, staging essentially means setting up a house so it looks a certain way.  Staging involves superficial changes, such as the color of paint on the walls and how furniture is arranged.  To read the ful...
It is becoming more and more popular to seek out local, in-season foods.  Local foods are often said to taste fresher and be better for the environment because they do not have to travel as far to reach consumers.  Additionally, many people feel happy knowing they are supporting local business.  ...
Congratulations on finding your dream home in Richmond Hill, GA!  Most new home buyers are interested in looking to cut costs as much as possible during the home buying process.  Unfortunately, many of them overlook the ability to save money on moving.  Here are tips that will help you reduce you...
Father’s Day will be here soon.  Father’s Day is celebrated around the world as a day to honor fathers in society.  In the United States, Father’s Day came into being after Mother’s Day, and is a national holiday always celebrated on the third Sunday of June.  This year it falls on June 17th.  Do...
No matter how much experience you have had with the process, there's no denying that selling a home is a big step for anyone. Part of the reason why I feel that my job as a Richmond Hill real estate agent is so important is because I get the opportunity to help people through a stressful and majo...
Even if you have lived in Richmond Hill for years, there is a distinct possibility that you still havent really seen everything that makes our community so special. As your Richmond Hill community expert, I thought that Id take it upon myself to let you know of some of the many great attractions ...
As your Richmond Hill real estate agent, Im not just an expert on buying and selling homes in the area. I also know what it takes to bring a home to its greatest potential, and during this time of year, that means knowing what decorations will really enhance your home. Particularly if youre plann...
As your Richmond Hill real estate agent, I consider it part of my responsibility to be honest with my community about the state of the local real estate market. Im not going to pretend that times havent been tough, but I will say that as of now, it seems as though things may be turning around. We...


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