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Yesterday was an office day for me.  Typically I'm not at my desk all day, but yesterday was an exception. I am in the final stages of completing a nice commercial deal, as a result the principles in the transaction were needing a conference call.  Getting six people together in six difference lo...
Blackmail is a nasty little game some people play on each other.  Blackmail though it exists is not a nice game to play, further more, it is not really what this post is about.Art is the theme of my post.  Blackmail is just art, at least in Denver.Yesterday I was doing my normal Sunday walk aroun...
As previously reported here and now confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, Denver's real estate market is in line for an up swing.Driven by the strengthening energy, financial and professional-service sectors, employment is rising.Area improvements, FasTracks is putting Denver on the public transp...
Real Estate contracts are most likely to fail over inspection issues.  There is a way to prevent this occurrence, it will cost  you a few dollars up front, but in the long run, save you time, money and could be the difference between a deal or no deal! Get your home pre-inspected by a professiona...
City dwellers love their neighborhoods and are willing to pay the expense to tailor their old homes to fit their current needs.  If a homeowner has a home with a large enough "footprint" in a good neighborhood, then popping the top might be the solution.Expenses of such renovation are seldom accu...
 When my brothers, sister and I were kids, my Mother used to use the expression, "that's the straw that broke the camel's back!"Mom typically would use this expression as a response to us kids fighting or getting into "things" we shouldn't have been.  Seldom was it said in jest, it was always exa...
          stool pigeon NOUN:1. Slang A person acting as a decoy or as an informer, especially one who is a spy for the police. 2. A pigeon used as a decoy. ETYMOLOGY:From the practice of tying decoy pigeons to a stool to attract other pigeons.Fraud is running rampant these days.  This morning the...
 Occasionally there things in our lives or where we live that just aren't considered popular or a good thing.For instance in New Jersey it is a "put down" when someone asks "what exit?"  The reason this is, is because most people think of New Jersey as a place with nothing but highways running th...
Amid volumes of openness a single tree stands tall.When faced with adversity are you like the tree?Reflect and grow...Dig your roots in deeper for strength.  Look to the heavens for enlightenment.Sway in the breeze for flexibility.Stand tall and proud for you are unique individual...and that is O...
It seems every time I go to purchase something, it's on sale.  The price is advertised as being reduced, yet still I have to pay the full price, submit a rebate coupon and wait for weeks on end for my money to be returned.Last year I purchased a Sony Vaio.  It came with a rebate.  I dutifully fil...

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