gmail: Gmail ~ I Bet You Didn't Know It Does This! - 02/02/11 02:35 AM
Gmail has so many time-saving features.  The more I study it the more I like it!   Here's a quick list, read it over and let me know if you knew Gmail could do:
UnDoSend ~ After composing and sending an email, you realize you shouldn't have sent it?  Or are you famous for sending an attachment, but forgetting to attach the attachment? Well now you can "unsend" an email that was sent.  You must turn this feature on.  You will find it in Google Labs>Settings>Undo Send Canned Responses ~ We all have repetious messages we send, answering the same old … (15 comments)

gmail: Relocate to Gmail - A Step by Step Story - 01/30/11 03:57 PM
Gmail is brought to us by Google, with it is a packed-full warehouse of goodies in the form of apps.  In my continuing saga of touting the benefits of working in The Cloud and at the same time minimizing expenses, I've now written this step by step tutorial on how to make the move.
In a previous post Funnel Your Email Address Through Gmail I spoke of how to send all your email accounts to Gmail, thus consolidating them in one handy IN THE CLOUD spot.  I repeat for those who didn't catch the point, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOSE … (17 comments)

gmail: Funnel Your Email Address Through Gmail - 01/30/11 02:03 AM
Recently I wrote a post about how much I like using Gmail.  Like many people in the real estate business I've had an email address for a long time.  In fact my original email address attached to my domain of Denver Real Estate and Relocation had to be "retired" because I was getting so much spam from it all I did all day long was delete and delete some  more.
I was so sad to lose my original "branded email" but the work involved with keeping it just was worth it anymore.
But now I have a solution.  Gmail.
Gmail has … (155 comments)

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