google: Gmail Offers a Passport to Many FREE Services - 01/28/11 03:19 AM
Business people are finding more and more way to leverage FREE these days.  One of the best places to do this is Google.  Yes, Google is known as the world's best search engine, but the company offers an amazing amount of other services that are so powerful.  We just shouldn't be ignoring them!
Gmail it's time to give your computer's hard drive a break and start using The Cloud.  Using gmail means you don't have to spend you day deleting emails on your smart phone and then again on your notebook, netbook or big PC at home.  Yes, admit it, I … (15 comments)

google: Google Has a Voice and I LOVE it! - 01/26/11 05:32 AM
It's not the first time I've gone on recored stating that I LOVE Google!  Each and everyday Google delivers good things to me, leads, maps, gmail, calendars.  Oh I could go on and on!
Today in particular I got yet another call from a solicitor.  This call was the THIRD one in a row, as if yesterday and the day before when I said, "NO!" didn't matter.  Today because it's Wednesday maybe they figured I would change my mind?
Daily calls are more than just annoying they rank up there with harassment.  They interfere with my train of thought, my … (13 comments)

google: Towns that change their names. - 10/20/06 03:39 PM
Recently I learned of a town near my childhood home that changed it's name.  I found it curious that an established town with a longtime name would find it necessary to resort to such a drastic measure.  Wondering how often that occurs, I did some Google research. 
Over the course of history many established towns and cities have survived name changes.  Changes occur for a variety of reasons, political, embarrassing (or politically incorrect), to streamline a clumsy moniker, create a separate identity or to follow the popular trend. Embarrassing names like Beaver, Gay and White Settlement are all examples of towns that found new names.  Then there … (9 comments)

google: Got your Goat? - 09/27/06 11:08 AM
A couple days ago I posted a blog about Deceptive Advertising.  It is one of those blogs that has taken on an interesting form.  To date we have had 3 NON-Rainers make comments on it. 
Roberta actually called the company to burn their ears.  Way to go Roberta!
One comment relayed her experience of actually depositing the check and now has incurred heavy fees, she was not aware of.  So, how are these NON-Rainers finding this post?
Could it be that we are indexed in Google?  hummmmm
Remember to properly tag your blogs.  Make it easy to find us...

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