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My husband and business partner in real estate is also a firefighter in Grapevine. He happens to be on the water rescue team there where every Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day brings loads of activity, to keep it rated E for everyone. This 4th of July may be different. His interest in wate...
Another family reunion is happening this weekend and with it a whole new room full of, "How's real estate?" questions emerge. Is it just to strike familiar conversation or does it really interest them? I think both. People are nuts about real estate. Here are a few of the questions I answered tod...
This week I showed a house where the master bedroom was clearly an afterthought and the only thing I could think of was how sad. It doesn't matter if you're honeymooning or going through the big D, your master bedroom is the last thing you drift away in at night and the first thing you smell befo...
It's nice to start Saturday off with a 4th birthday party cookout among kiddie's friends and end it with old friends from college. The meat in the middle stands out, too. Sometimes you just can't lose. I even remember at one point looking up and seeing not one single cloud and thinking, "God, not...
As I grew up like a weed and decided what I wanted to be when I grew up and eventually became a real estate pro when I grew up, another problem grew up with me -- well, growing pains. I grew up in a suburb of Fort Worth called Keller and recently posted how wonderful I think this area is on my bl...
It's become commonplace in my real estate market to negotiate a temporary residential lease as an addendum to the sales contract. Let me pause a moment for those of you who need to groan or roll your eyes. This is a topic which people -- both professionals, as well as consumers -- stand on two si...
Quail Valley Estates is a great established neighborhood in Keller, Texas. With prices primarily in the $200,000s, with the occasional dip below $200,000 and the occasional notch above into the $300,000s, it's one of the most affordable custom home neighborhoods around town. Six things to love ab...
This weekend as my cell service faded in and out of the Texas Hill Country and our family car dodged everything from deer to Dublin Dr. Pepper to Alpaca Llamas, we received a few calls we couldn't help but laugh about as we had a chance to check the voice mail along the drive: Call #1 Executive L...
In 2009 CNN Money Magazine featured Keller as one of the best places to live as far as small towns go. Today I'm taking some time to revisit a bit of old news. Keller is my home. It's my lifelong home. There is no where on earth to me like Keller. I spent two summers teaching camps traveling all ...
It isn't often I have the privilege of selling houses to someone I consider highly artistic. After all, I am a business major and a business owner and find my clients to be, well, like me -- business-like. Or a mom, stuck in her own little world, devoid of any culture beyond Yo Gabba Gabba. In my...

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