keller texas real estate: Brooke's Five Rules for Real Estate - 09/22/13 11:53 AM
Brooke is seven years old. She's a spirited little girl with a wicked sense of humor. She wrote out five rules today and they made me laugh, so I thought I'd share. Noooo.... they have nothing to do with real estate! But this is a real estate blog, so I titled the post five rules for real estate. If you don't like the misleading title and elementary content, it's all right to go on. But I promise this chick is going places...
Brooke's Five Rules
1. Don't sit on a grill. You'll burn your burns.
2. Don't go in the boys bathroom.
3. Don't get a snake … (7 comments)

keller texas real estate: Hire a Pro. Your Sanity is Priceless. - 08/30/13 09:28 PM
Sanity dictates you get the best possible deal when involved in a Real Estate transaction. No one wants to give away the farm. And no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for the farm!
The best possible contract terms that allow you to accomplish the goals that are of the most importance to you should be your focus when you transact real estate business. Every transaction takes on a life of its own because every party to that transaction has their own personal agenda. There is no “good” or “bad”. There are just the specific goals of the Buyers, the Sellers, and all … (5 comments)

keller texas real estate: Buying a Home in Keller Texas - 08/15/13 05:49 PM
Anytime I title a blog "__ in Texas" I feel like I should begin with, "Howdy." But it's not Toy Story, it's a real estate blog. So speaking of real estate in Texas this summer, here are some home buyer tips and trends, especially when making a purchase offer, that are relevant to the hot DFW Keller Texas real estate marketplace!
As with the first half of 2013, buyers will still have to compete for the best properties in DFW this quarter. Good, solid, move-in ready homes that show nicely are getting close to list price or higher within days, generally speaking. Specifically, I have not had one … (1 comments)

keller texas real estate: Keller, Texas: Not Just Another Pretty Real Estate Market - 10/07/12 03:47 AM
Real Estate. What do you think of? A dream? A house with a white picket fence? Or a nightmare? Vacant retail space with graffiti? Rocky Balboa –black eye, fat lip, TKO?
Today I read an article that sums it up for me, your local, lifelong Keller area residential real estate pro: Riding the Trillion-Dollar Real Estate Recovery Roller Coaster by by Eric Proulx. I can tell you, firsthand, right here in Keller, a suburb of Fort Worth and Dallas, it’s been a long, rough, twisty, loopty-loopy ride – albeit not as bad as other parts of the country. But we’re definitely on … (0 comments)

keller texas real estate: 617 Valle Vista Court, Keller TX 76248 MLS# 11502464 - 12/29/10 02:04 PM
617 Valle Vista in north Keller sits on a 1 acre lot! With plenty of space in and out and no HOA, homeowners in this area can fully enjoy the peace and quiet north Keller and one acre lots offer!
The home is approximately 2,900 square feet. Its traditional country style offers a large front porch perfect for that swing!
Inside there are 5 bedrooms and 2 spacious living areas. The home was built in 1989 and is still owned by the original homeowner who has maintained it very well.
The home is offered by Ueckert Realty today for $285,000.
Did … (0 comments)

keller texas real estate: Top 5 reasons Keller, Texas 76248 is #1 - 06/06/10 04:04 PM
In 2009 CNN Money Magazine featured Keller as one of the best places to live as far as small towns go. Today I'm taking some time to revisit a bit of old news.
Keller is my home. It's my lifelong home. There is no where on earth to me like Keller. I spent two summers teaching camps traveling all across the country and I've crossed the equator and the international dateline, so I have a few places to compare. But when a national magazine recognizes your home in such a way, you suddenly know you live in a little bit o' heaven on earth. Here are … (5 comments)

keller texas real estate: Another Arty Real Estate Note - 06/05/10 07:26 PM
It isn't often I have the privilege of selling houses to someone I consider highly artistic. After all, I am a business major and a business owner and find my clients to be, well, like me -- business-like. Or a mom, stuck in her own little world, devoid of any culture beyond Yo Gabba Gabba.
In my sphere of influence and clientele, I can literally count on one hand the people I consider to be highly artistic. That being said, I absolutely love it when I do have the opportunity to serve an artsy person when it comes to real estate, because they … (7 comments)

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