gloucester: The Man at The Wheel Statue Still Likely for US Quarter - 04/15/09 08:14 PM
"For 83 years, the Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial has towered over the city's main boulevard. Fishermen and their families consider it a holy place, and the bronze statue - which depicts a fisherman holding a boat's wheel out at sea - is a magnet for tourists and locals. Even Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes shed tears when he saw the memorial, and its inscription inspired by the 107th Psalm, "They that go down to the sea in ships": here is the rest from the  latest Boston Globe Article

gloucester: Gloucester Statue to Grace Next Quarter - 03/07/09 11:07 PM
Gloucester's iconic statue and tribute to fisherman, is likely to be on the next US Quarter coin from Massachusetts. It's a bittersweet tribute. Sweet¬†because it will undoubtedly increase tourist interest in Gloucester and Cape Ann. Bitter, in that the fishing industry is under such relentless pressure from Federal Agencies concerning depleted fish stocks, that the Gloucester fisherman is an endangered species itself. The irony of more tourism is that the economic pressure to adapt Glouceter more towards tourism will grow greater and greater. This is not a bad thing.... but the change will erode the commercial basis of the waterfront. Here … (0 comments)

gloucester: Magnolia - Steps to the Atlantic - $526,000 - 04/09/08 05:40 AM
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gloucester: Gloucester MA Single Family Months of Inventory - 03/18/08 10:25 AM
The amount of competing inventory affects a property's price.If there is a lot of competing inventory, then pricing will be lower than if there is little competing inventory.The report shows the number of months it will take to sell off the current inventory of active listings if the rate of sale remains constant.

gloucester: Gloucester, MA Absorption Rate Feb 2008 - 02/26/08 03:02 AM
The absorption rate is the rate of sale per month stated as a percentage. For Example, if the absorption rate is 8%, then 8 out of 100 properties for sale sold that month.This report shows the underlying strength of the market by comparing the percentage of "For Sale Properties" that sold in the prior period to the current period. This report detects imbalances between the supply and demand for real estate. The absorption rate is affected by the: number of units that sold and the number of units for sale. If the absorption rate is rising, the market demand for real … (0 comments)

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