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What you need to know about buying or selling New Construction!
Zooming Around The Room! It looks like Zoom meetings are here to stay even as the restrictions are slowly easing, and FYI there so many uses for this tool.1. Zoom Broker Previews2. Zoom personalized virtual tours3. Zoom Team Meetings A few tips for zooming around the room.Patricia Peyton posted a...
Looking To The Future & Buying A New Home Virtually  Yes it’s happening...the dream of new home ownership is attainable and it can be accomplished from the comfort of your favorite chair.Last year (2019) the National Association Of Realtors reported 93% of new home searches began with online webs...
Backyard Movies ~ My Quarantine TV  Dolce and I get our tv fix by watching the changing scenery in our backyard.  The scenery changes hourly, daily and weekly.  Some days we observe the two Red Robin’s who greet the rising sun with chirps of delight or the humming birds who flit from flower to fl...
Open For Business - My Portable Office! We all recognize that life has changed and many people predict that new technologies and new processes will emerge in the after mass. In week three of our stay-at-home mandate I have experienced several Ah Ha moments running the gamut from laughter to tears...
The New New in New Construction! How about that for alliteration? But it’s true, the coronavirus has changed our reality but as Jeff Shore shared in his podcast, A Buyer’s Mind,“ coronavirus is a short term reality but purchasing a home is a long term decision!”Here in California we are participa...
 A New Construction Home for You - 5 Tips to Help Ensure a Great Experience! I am a licensed New Construction Sales Counselor and I love my job. However through the course of my career I have witnessed hundreds of closings and have learned a few tips to share with prospective buyers & (their Real...
Voila - you're the owner of a brand new home.We call this closing on your new home...or as it's better known -Hip hip hooray... you're finally getting the keys!As you can well imagine purchasing a new home is journey, from start to finish filled with adventures you may not have anticipated but to...
Back To Basics - Practice, Practice, Practice! Well we have all heard the rumors & speculation, witnessed the slow down, observed rising interest rates and many of us realize the writing is definitely on the wall. The Market has shifted and maybe it's time to go back to the basics -  Practice, Fo...
Home-buyer Walk Thru - What is it all about? It's about the WOW!!! We're finally presenting you to your new home. In the New Construction Industry buyers are required to participate in a Home-buyer Walk-thru or Home-buyer Orientation prior to closing. Many first time buyers may not be familiar wi...
Five Tips for Buying A New Home During the Holidays!  Just imagine it's a beautiful Christmas morning as your family gathers around the gaily decorated Christmas tree. The first Christmas in your brand new home! Well I will share five tips for to help make this dream a reality. (ignore the sidewa...

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