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What you need to know about buying or selling New Construction!



We Will Not be Able to Approve Your Loan How do you recover from the sound of those words? 40 days into the transaction and a thundering silence from the Lender. Strangely emails are unanswered and voice mails disappear in the ethos. It's a huge red flag waving in the wind. Yes, the one thing you...
The Road to Long Beach(Signal Hill) Ca - A Step-by-Step Relocation Guide Challenge number two: How do you select a neighborhood? First we drove around the different areas, just free-flowing with no particular destination in mind. We were able to observe the street scenes, the architectural style ...
  The Road to Long Beach(Signal Hill) Ca - A Step-by-Step Relocation Guide It's that time; time to downsize, right size or whatever terminology you prefer to use which defines a new stage in a life. Our children are adults, the house it empty and just too large. I guess you could call us empty-ne...
Zombie Camps - A Thing of the Past! Sites inhabited by "animated corpses raised by magical means such as witchcraft. The term is often used to describe a person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli."    During 2005 - 2006 new construc...

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Author Bio: My experience with new and newer construction, luxury homes and various communities make me an asset for buyers and sellers.