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You've decided that you'd like to buy your first house or purchase a new one.  Where do you start?  Credit Well, the first thing you need to do is find out how your credit is and how much you can get pre-qualified for.  There is no point in looking at houses above your price range.  This will onl...
I would like to wish all my friends and family a Happy New Year!    I know some have had a tough time in 2008, but soon that will be behind us.  The economy is not as good as we would like it to be.  My wish for you is that you find a way to hold on to hope.  Hope for a better future.  Hope for a...
COUNTY HOME SALES FOR NOVEMBER With the holidays, and the weather this time of year, a seasonal slowdown in the market is to be expected. However, I remain optimistic.   We have a more stable market here in Rochester.  We may not experience the housing booms that have occurred elsewhere, we are ...
Last week I mentioned that we received a snow storm like many other areas in the country.    Today I'm happy to say that we've had weather in the high 50's and most of the snow has melted.  Our city is well prepared to handle anything that may come our way.  They did a great job clearing the road...
I would like to thank all my friends, clients, and co-workers for making 2008 a year to remember.  I hope you all have a peaceful and healthy holiday season.  Best wishes for the new year!
When I was in my early 20's, I started a small business, and in December I sent out Christmas cards to everyone on my list.  I later found out that many of them were Jewish.  Boy was I embarrassed.  I never paid any attention to what religion someone may folllow.  I just liked people, and wanted ...
They warned us it was coming.  Many people went to the stores and stocked up on food.  Those who waited until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts might need to wait a little longer.  Then it began.  The snow started in the morning, and kept right on falling all day long.  Schools closed early....
Yesterday I received an agent of the year award at our company Awards Gala.  This is not my first award, but it was special.  I would like to thank the people of Active Rain for helping me achieve this award.  I was a lurker for a long time, and did not write blogs for awhile.  I still struggle s...
I was reading another forum today and a real estate agent posting the question:  Buyers-where are you searching online? There were a good amount of answers.  Most buyers said they do their searches on,,, or  I was happy to hear that, as I advertis...
When I was looking for a place to hang my license, I looked for a company that offered services that I would personally want if I were looking to buy, or sell a home.  People are very busy these days.  Most households have two adults working full time.  The most precious thing to them is time.  I...


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