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The process of turning prospects into new clients isn’t complicated, but it can definitely be tricky. Sometimes agents focus all their attention on generating leads, and while this is of course important, it means that following-up with those leads gets treated as an afterthought. This is a criti...
And I’ll tell you upfront that I’m not going to focus on how to get more likes on your facebook page, more followers on Twitter or more views on YouTube, but how to use these channels to acquire the most valuable commodity – trust.  And this is something that is not always easy to gain online.  S...
I may be preaching to the converted, but who here often finds themselves floundering when it comes to getting results from Social Media? Despite all the positive benefits of developing a Social Media presence, many agents continue to resist blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. The reason I hear the m...
Ever wonder what the real difference is between Google Ads and other forms of paid advertising like the ads you see on Facebook, and LinkedIn?   Google search ads are usually shown when a user types in a specific keyword (i.e. New York Real Estate) and these types of keywords can cost a pretty pe...
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is intimidating to many agents, and it's not hard to see why. There's a whole different mindset involved in moving to a paid advertising model, especially when you've been relying solely on referrals or working with free online classified services like Craigslist. ...
Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the perfect day for me to share with you my LOVE of Internet Marketing and some useful information that could help you capture a lot more leads.   Craigslist is a great (and FREE!) service for promoting listings and special programs, but it can be quite tricky to g...
In the ever changing world of Search Engine Marketing, Google continues to lead the pack. Here are some new features that you may not be aware of, but could make a real impact on your cost per click and ROI.1. Google’s Updated Privacy Policy - What It Means For Google Analytics and AdWords UsersG...
There was a time not too long ago, that you could easily persuade and dazzle your audience with big claims, snappy headlines and a bit of copy to back up your offer.  Social media has changed all of that.  Without social proof, you are not going to gain the trust and confidence needed to complete...
Happy new year ActiveRainers!  One of my re-occurring resolutions is to quit procrastinating and actually complete the things I set out to do. But, when it comes to posting on my blog, I can always find something to take my focus away from the task at hand.If you're one of the lucky ones who writ...
One of the hottest topics today amongst real estate professionals is facebook and how to generate quality leads from it. Many of you are using facebook for your business, but are missing the mark when it comes to providing the right type of content for your target audience. Here are the 10 Most C...

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