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Testing this for reblogging on Chrome. Just testing this, because you can't comment on Chrome, and I want to see if you are able to reblog. Yay!  Best Happy Hour in Downtown Bellevue--Koral Bar & Kitchen--If you're looking for a great place for happy hour in downtown Bellevue area, look no furthe...
Today isn't Friday. Tomorrow isn't Friday. The day after that isn't Friday.   BUT YOU GOT THIS.     Work stressful? You got this.   Weather got you down? You got this.   Life overwhelming? You got this.   Worried about finances? You got this.     You're only as low as you let yourself get. Keep ...
and rainbows and pixie stix and umbrellas and shoelaces.
This is a great post by Jeff Downs, addressing the best place to visit in WA! I am sort of hoping he will post his other 9 places :) Seattle in my (biased) opinion is the best place in the world to live.  There are several reasons why I believe this but the main reason I love Seattle is because y...
What a great post by Harmony on our team! I'm a mix of a bunch of different things, a mostly European mutt! What are you? I'm so curious to know, leave your comments here or on Harmony's blog! Thanks Harmony for the read, and thanks 'Rainers for reading, and hopefully responding! What are you? An...
  Hello, ActiveRain! :) I get a lot of questions about the ActiveRain points breakdown and HOW to get them, so here's a guide about what's what for those curious(er and curiouser!)   The First Step So, you just joined ActiveRain. Or maybe you’ve been on here for a while, and aren’t sure you’ve fl...
This is a GREAT blog about Widgets written by our very own Jeff Gray. Always use caution when using Widgets or posting code you can't read, there might be something sneaky hidden in there that could hurt your ranking! Free in Price, sure, but not without consequence! We all know that ActiveRain h...
Rich makes a really good point here. Well worth the read! Where do your priorities lie? In points or business? Or a nice balance of both?Are you blogging for fun? Or are you blogging for business? The two are not the same, and it you get them confused, you won't be doing either one of them very w...
The Pope is on Twitter.. what's your excuse? You may be thinking, "I have a Twitter account." But my question stands: Are you on Twitter? The Pope is on Twitter. Pope Benedict XVI sent his first tweet eleven hours ago from @Pontifex His first Tweet currently has 48,671 retweets and 16,679 favori...
What a great blog from Jeff Gray! It's all Greek to me, and he really breaks it down for us. Thanks for the information, Jeff!Learn how to set up Google+ Authorship for your ActiveRain Outside blog. For most of you, your AR Blog is going to be where people find your content on ActiveRain via Goog...

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