summit nj realtor: Summit NJ Home Staging Tips for Sellers With Children - 01/15/08 12:37 PM
Selling your home in the Summit NJ real estate market can be a daunting task for anyone, but put small children into the mix and your task just became harder, though not impossible.   
Anyone with small children knows that keeping toys put away can be an ongoing challenge.  Most children (I know mine included) have far more toys than they actually play with.  You may find it helpful to box up all but the favorite toys and put them into a garage, attic or even separate storage facility.  Less toys means less temptation to pull out toys that are going to … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Full Disclosure and Your Summit NJ Real Estate Property - 01/09/08 01:48 AM
If you're ready to sell your Summit NJ real estate property, you may have heard the term "full disclosure" bantered about. It's an important one for nearly any seller. Essentially, full disclosure is your responsibility to let the buyer know about anything that might affect the price of the home in the future. While state laws vary, virtually every state requires some disclosure. It's important to note that some states require disclosures to be made in writing and others only require you to let the buyer know verbally about any problems that may change the future price of the home. Federal … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Selling in A Summit NJ Real Estate Buyer’s Market - 01/02/08 10:48 PM
It's been all over the news, so the chances are good that you've heard about it. It's a buyer's market these days when it comes to real estate, but if you want to sell your home, the term alone can be intimidating. The simple truth, though, is that you can successfully sell your home in a buyer's market, and you can even get the price you want. These tips should help.
Summit NJ real estate is some of the most competitive in the country because of the location. As a result, look carefully at the homes on the market around you. Price … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Summit NJ Real Estate Proving to Be A Buyer’s Market - 12/26/07 05:01 AM
If you're shopping for Summit NJ real estate, there's great news. With more inventory than ever in the Summit NJ market, buyers are getting breaks like never before. There was a time that sellers could put a home on the market, and it would be gone within days. Because of mortgage market issues, though, sellers simply aren't having their desires fulfilled, which means amazing prices for buyers in the Summit NJ real estate market.
In an ABC News story last year, real estate analyst Ivy Zelman said, ""People are going to have to come to the reality that if they want … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Choosing the Right Moving Method After Your Summit NJ Real Estate Sale - 12/19/07 04:43 AM
If a great Summit NJ realtor like Kristin Balsley just helped you sell your home, you may be wondering about the next step. After all, you've spent some time accumulating the stuff that fills your Summit NJ real estate listing, and you have to have some way to get it out before the big closing day.
The first step is to choose the moving method. You can move your materials with the help of your brother-in-law and his pickup truck, but this can present a number of fairly serious problems. First, you have to have a brother-in-law with a truck. If you … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Decorating your Summit NJ Real Estate Property - 12/14/07 12:47 PM
One of the biggest tips I offer to Summit NJ Real Estate sellers is to have their home properly decorated before they put it on the market. The visual appeal of a home is everything, and depending upon what season you sell your home in, these tips may help to cut the waiting time in half.
Homes tend to be darker in the winter months because the sky is often cloudier. Brighten your home by hanging well-framed mirrors in darker corners to help with light reflection.Try hanging framed art in the dead spots in your home to give it a bright, warm … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: New Providence, NJ real estate market update 12/2007 - 12/09/07 06:43 AM
Wondering what is happening in the real estate market in New Providence NJ?  Although, New Providence NJ has seen a correction in it's real estate market, the market here is still strong. 
Currently there are 51 active properties on the market in New Providence, NJ.  These properties range from 2 bedroom town homes to 5 bedroom colonial homes ranging in price from $319,000 to $1,100,000.  During the past six months in New Providence, the homes that have sold have gotten on average 98% of their list price with the average days on market being 61 while the average sale price was … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: PreApproval for Summit NJ Real Estate Buying Really Is Important - 12/08/07 07:49 AM
Every morning when you tune into any media broadcast, you're bound to hear about the subprime crisis. It can be scary news, particularly if you're purchasing Summit NJ real estate in the near future. While many of the families in the midst of the subprime crisis can't be helped right now, getting preapproved for the perfect mortgage loan is essential to keeping you and your home out of the hands of subprime lenders who can endanger your right to own a home.
Understanding Preapproval
Getting preapproved for a mortgage simply means sitting down with a lender before you've ever shopped for Summit NJ … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: If You’re Interested In Summit NJ Real Estate, Choosing The Right Style Is Essential! - 11/29/07 07:42 AM
Many people know how many bathrooms or bedrooms they're shopping for as they purchase Summit NJ real estate, but very few individuals understand the style of the home they're looking for. Unfortunately, this can lead to miscommunication and frustration between the Summit NJ realtor and client. If you can clearly communicate the home style you're searching for, your Summit NJ realtor is far more likely to show you only homes you are truly interested in. This guide should help.
Cape Cod: This Summit NJ home style tends to have a steep, sloped roof. It is usually one and one half stories, and … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Berkeley Heights, NJ Real Estate Market Update 11/2007 - 11/25/07 09:23 PM
There are many things to consider when choosing a community to live in.  If close proximity to NYC and top rated schools are high on your priority list, then Berkeley Heights, NJ may be the right community for you.
Berkeley Heights, NJ is a quiet community in Union county nestled in the Watchung Mountains.  It has a population of 12,913 residents.  CNN/Money magazine named Berkeley Heights, NJ one of the top 100 Best places to live in the United States, ranking it #45 in its July 2007 edition.
Berkeley Heights has a small downtown area housing restaurants, banks, shops, a movie theatre, supermarkets and … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: The Summit NJ Real Estate Shopping Process - 11/03/07 03:00 PM
When you've found the perfect area of Summit for your new home, the most important step is to investigate the properties that may meet your needs in that area. Contacting Kristin Balsley for help is a great way to get started, but there are a few other things that  you can do to help Kristin match you with the right Summit NJ real estate.
First, try starting your search online. Most realtor sites have the option of narrowing properties within a city like Summit by neighborhoods and possible search criteria like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and such. Many sites will even let … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Summit NJ Real Estate Buying Tips - 10/30/07 05:18 AM
Planning to buy a new piece of Summit NJ real estate soon? While a great first step would be chatting with Kristin Balsley, the premiere Summit NJ Realtor, there are several other steps you might want to take as well.
Find a mortgage lender you can trust. There are thousands of lenders out there just waiting to hand you the cash for a home, but many of them come with horrible rates and fees that no one should have to pay just to become a homeowner. Investigate loan programs carefully, and get any offers from potential mortgage lenders in writing.Talk with each … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Getting the Summit NJ Real Estate Sales Advantage - 10/25/07 07:59 AM
Want to give your house an advantage over the one down the street? Hiring Kristin Balsley as your Summit NJ Realtor is a great first step, but there are a number of other things you can do to help too.
First, think about the outside of your home. "Curb appeal" is a term realtors use a lot for how a home strikes potential buyers literally from the "curb." If the outside of your home looks amazing, buyers are far more likely to want to look inside. Be sure to keep your lawn mowed. Keep the edges trimmed, and do a bit … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: How Did Your Last Summit NJ Real Estate Open House Go? - 10/19/07 10:15 PM
Selling Summit NJ real estate certainly isn’t an easy business, but one of the key tools realtors like Kristin Balsley use to help move your home off the market faster is the open house. In most cases, you’ll be asked to leave for four or five hours during your own open house. Potential buyers tend to feel a little odd if the homeowner is still around as they wander through a property they are trying to visualize as their own. When you get back, though, you’re probably dying to find out how things went. These questions might help you communicate with … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Mortgage 101 for Summit NJ Real Estate Buyers - 10/14/07 11:54 AM
If you're in the market for Summit NJ real estate, your best bet is to first understand the mortgage market. After all, few of us enough pocket change laying around to cover the entire sticker price of a house, so a consultation with a banker or loan officer will be necessary on some level.
Step 1: Research
The best thing you can do for yourself before you ever start looking at Summit NJ real estate is to investigate the types of mortgages available. A mortgage is simply a loan to pay for a property. Most banks require a twenty percent down payment for … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Getting the Right Summit NJ High End Real Estate Property During The Subprime Crisis - 09/30/07 01:46 PM
If you've been shopping for the right Summit NJ real estate property to fit your needs, you may be concerned about the collapse of the subprime lending industry. This can especially be a concern if you're shopping for real estate with a higher price tag. Should you really be concerned, though?
The subprime mortgage crisis initially came to light in July of 2007 as rising interest rates made adjustable rate mortgages wholly unaffordable to the many borrowers who had them. When that was combined with a sharp decrease in property values across the country, lots of homeowners simply couldn't measure up to … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Using A Brick and Mortar Summit NJ Real Estate Office - 09/17/07 07:24 AM
There's quite a bit of talk these days about using an online entity to sell your home instead of enlisting the help of the traditional Summit NJ real estate office. In most cases, though, that brick and mortar agent will do a far better job of selling your home than any online realtor might.
Only A Summit NJ real estate agent knows the area better than anyone else. Sure, it's possible to google Summit NJ and come up with a few responses here and there as to what the area is like and the buyer statistics in the area, but in … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Finding the Right Summit NJ Realtor to Help You Sell Your Home - 09/13/07 03:43 PM
Today’s unsure property market may make you a bit wary of selling your home. Finding the right Summit NJ realtor, though, can make the difference between waiting for months for a buyer to appear and having a successful sale as soon as possible. Here are a few things to avoid when you’re shopping for the right Summit NJ realtor.
      Jumping at the first realtor you speak with. The rule of thumb when choosing a Summit NJ realtor to help you sell your home is to interview two to three agents. Consider the pros and cons of each agent, then make your … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: Finding the Right Summit NJ Realtor to Help You Buy Your Next Home - 09/12/07 04:01 PM
These days, few people search for the right realtor to help them buy a home, but if you’re looking for a great property in Summit NJ, the right realtor may be exactly what you need.
Why Choose a Summit NJ Realtor?
Choosing the right real estate agent can mean a number of things. It can mean the difference between finding a property in a neighborhood you’ll love versus finding a property in a neighborhood you’ll be ready to leave in six months. Furthermore, the right Summit NJ realtor means finding a home in an area with schools that fit your family needs and … (0 comments)

summit nj realtor: 2007 Summit NJ Valemont Section Market Update - 08/15/07 12:00 AM


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