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Beauty is in the Details When taking photographs, think outside the box. Learn to look at things a little differently and see how the camera sees them and you will find yourself taking interesting and unique photos. Sunsets, mountains, rivers and flowers are some of my favorites, but I also find ...
Taking a so-so Photo and Making it a Great Photo   So you take a photo and download it to your computer only to find it didn’t come out as you had hoped – lighting’s not good, it’s crooked, washed out or it’s too dark, not a lot of vivid colors. We’ve all been there, but there is hope and that is...
Want to feel better, more alive and rejuvenated – get outside, go for a hike or take a walk and look around at all the beauty there is. Whether it’s your local park, a nearby hiking trail, or your own backyard, if you take the time and look, you will find something special that will bring a smile...
New Jersey - There’s a Reason They Call it the Garden State I woke up this morning, worked on staging consults, posted on Active Rain and commented…..and through my office window looked out at the bright and sunny day. For those of you that live in the North East, it’s rained……a lot! So, I grabbe...
  Memories of the Serengeti I’m a pretty pragmatic person, however when I visited the Serengeti it brought out the more philosophical side of me and warranted prose from the heart, not the head, to describe it’s raw and unrivaled beauty. As soon as we passed through the Serengeti’s stone gates en...
Morris County Staging – So Many Options   Professional home staging can be anything from a Do-it-Yourself report, listing the most effective improvements a buyer should make to prepare their home for sale, to full vacant staging, redesign and everything in between.   These are some example of Eli...
  A Grammar Lesson With Humor – Learn From My Mistakes! In my haste to get a post out quickly some days, these are some examples of common words that spell check didn’t catch on my posts – luckily I proof read and caught some of them before hitting the submit button for all of AR to see! You can ...
 Living in The Moment As I gain wisdom over the years, I’ve come to realize that I have to live life on life's terms or I won’t find peace. Once I accept what is, and not what I want it to be, I’m free to live in the day and see the beauty all around me because I’m not missing it worrying about w...
Do You “Stage” Your posts – You Should!   Like it or not, most of us are visual creatures with short attention spans. With all the posts being generated every day on Active Rain, you want yours to stand out, get noticed and read!   I’ve seen many great posts that were feature worthy not get recog...
This is a must read post by Mary Yonkers - a fun read that gets across a great point about good customer service and the bottom line - who is bringing in the money! Enjoy and learn!Lessons Learned from Lemonade Stand   Summer and no school means the lemonade stands (see post by Donna Foerster) ar...

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