100: I believe the learning is in the thread...and the BLOG only gets it going! - 08/07/09 08:15 AM
After reading the FEATURED blogs the last couple of weeks or so...I have been disappointed, happy, eager, discouraged, and every other emotion that I can/cannot think of right now!  That said, I truly believe that if you are going to AUTHOR A BLOG, especially a Contraversial one, then you should take the time to appreciate the commentors, and respond within the thread!   THAT IS WHERE THE LEARNING & EDUCATION TRULY HAPPEN!


Now, I am not saying to drink the "purple kool aid" like the Viking Fans are right now thinking Brett Favre is going to … (26 comments)

100: Return of Bloggie! - Is it Hamsters or Squirrels running the servers at Active Rain? - 07/21/09 09:16 AM
A while ago, I did a blog on the new mascot for Active Rain, and I officially named him BLOGGIE!  Well, Bloggie met with mixed emotions....so, I gave some thought to quitting the Mortgage Business and going to Mascot School myself, and...as of now, STILL have not decided on that career path yet!  Read to the end of the blog for the ACTUAL new Mascot of Active Rain! (not approved by anyone at AR btw!)LOL Please note:   CLICK on any pictures below if you have speakers and need a laugh!

Here's Bloggie!
Wanda Kubat-Nerdin thought he was cute!
Cindy Jones thought squirrels, not … (28 comments)

100: The dreaded "Home Improvement Show"- Tips to make it work for YOU and your business! - 07/01/09 07:53 AM
Hello! It's Bucky again!  In the past I have done blogs on making a GOLF outing work for you, Open Houses work for you, then another blog on Open Houses, and have even done what I consider inspirational blogs like one on the movie WALL-E.  However, today I have decided to try and help my fellow RAINERS by doing one on the dreaded "Home Improvement Show" and making it work for you!  This was our booth at the Dane County Fair, and is nothing special....but please read on..
First things first, if you are going to effectively work these shows you … (10 comments)

100: TARP, HARP, CARP & Kissing your Sister! - 06/30/09 02:42 PM

 The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is a program of the United States government to purchase assets and equity from financial institutions in order to strengthen its financial sector. It is the largest component of the government's measures in 2008 to address the subprime mortgage crisis.
 Did you know that TARP also stands for Tunnel and Reservoir Plan?  The official name of Chicago's Deep Tunnel.  This project  aims to reduce flooding in the metropolitan Chicago area, and to reduce the harmful effects of flushing raw sewage into Lake Michigan.
 Hmmm...sounds like they have alot in common!  One flushes cash, and one flushes … (8 comments)

100: Hello Police?? This is Bucky...I've just been HIJACKED! Send help!! - 06/26/09 10:23 AM

 I saw this picture and could not resist...sorry...if it is too disturbing for some..please turn away....
Recently, an ugly series of events have been occuring within Active Rain, and other blog sites...and I have heard ALOT of comments about this from agents using Zillow as well.  I have come to know this as "HIJACKING SOMEONES BLOG". 
Many of us here on AR blog to make ourselves feel better, to provide GREAT CONTENT to other people in our profession, to build relationships, to inform consumers, to get FACTUAL information out about recent events or changes in the industry, and some … (93 comments)

100: Two EVIL words for Realtors & Lenders ALIKE to get to know..."Undue Influence"...IMPORTANT information on HVCC rules! - 06/19/09 09:17 AM
Much like many of my posts, I am inspired by something that happened to me, is happening, or has happened to someone else, or in this case, a blog by another ACTIVE RAINER.   I spoke to a couple of senior members on this website before I posted this information, because I had considered linking to the blog that inspired me, as well as some of the comments that had been left.. Well, after much thought, I have decided to just post information instead...and let everyone reading draw their own conclusions!

This is a VERY evil two word phrase right now, … (79 comments)

100: Mortgages: SO EASY A CAVEMAN can do them! - 06/17/09 03:41 AM
Apparently, the general consensus amongst many people is that Mortgages are easy to do and that communication solves everything!  Well, today I have decided to give everyone a glimpse into my life in the Mortgage business.  True enough, maybe the actual MORTGAGE is easy, but it is the "hunting & gathering" that is the problem! I realize that many people can already appreciate that things have become more challenging, but I truly want you to know that I AM NOT A CAVEMAN and it is not easy!

 8:08 am, got to office, large coffee.
Turned on computer, checked email, had 38 … (95 comments)

100: 100% & The Basic Steps on getting approved for a Guaranteed USDA loan!....A great loan for Wisconsin! - 05/26/09 02:38 PM
No doubt, USDA loans are a great product!  Jason Sardi has blogged about them, I have blogged about them, and many others as well!  However, what you MAY NOT KNOW, is the BASIC steps involved when getting approved that will save consumers, Realtors, and even OTHER LENDERS who dont understand this process very well...ALOT of time!

1.  Take a COMPLETE application.
2.  Pull your OWN credit!
3.  IF credit score is above 620 you are golden!
(what that means is express documentation, Ill explain that further later)
4.  Fill out the Express Rural Development Approval Form
5.  Gather as … (22 comments)

100: Do you have a Tiger in your Tank?? - 05/26/09 02:25 AM
They say a picture speaks a 1000 words, but seriously, how do your words paint the picture?

Since being on Active Rain, and commenting on MANY people's blogs, it has become increasingly disturbing to me the trend I am noticing!  That trend is the KNOW IT ALL vs. THE DEFENSIVE MECHANISM trend! 
 It has always been my understanding that blogging served several purposes, but none of them were related to the ongoing BATTLE I am seeing both on AR and other networks!
How did we reverse this trend you ask? Well, maybe we need to "tame" the Tiger … (25 comments)

100: USDA loans can be used to buy "fixer uppers"...Here are the best tips I know! - 05/22/09 05:50 AM
Hello everyone!  Everyone on AR,and in the Realestate Market...I am sure KNOWS that USDA loans (where applicable) are arguably the BEST PRODUCT OUT THERE!!!  However, did you know that you can purchase a home that needs some LOVE and FINANCE the improvements?  All with NO MORTGAGE INSURANCE AND AT 100% of the purchase price or value?
Now, let's be realistic...your listing, or the house you want to buy...cannot look like this!
 HOWEVER, A USDA "subject to" appraisal can be done on a home that needs a little less love!!!
Now, what is a "Subject to" appraisal you ask?
It is an appraisal done on a home, SUBJECT … (83 comments)

100: Insurance agents, PLEASE get with the program!!!! - 05/21/09 12:48 PM
Often times, what inspires myself and clearly many others to post a BLOG is either an everyday occurrence, or in some cases an argument!  Today, that is what happened to me....a stubborn, stupid, argument, and of all people it was with an Insurance Agent!


Now, just to preface this blog...My father was an insurance agent for 30 years, and I grew up around it my whole life!  Many times, I even tell the story about how when the roof blew off the YMCA, my brother & I, even at a young age....helped … (11 comments)

100: "Warning Will Robinson, Warning" - New 4506t Issue concerning Calyx Point! - 05/15/09 04:13 AM
WARNING for All Calyx Point Users!
Just 3 days ago, I had the new rules with the 4506T Request for Tax Transcripts affect my ability to close a loan as well as be efficient!  I am upset about it too!  I was on the phone with Calyx Point for about an HOUR trying to fix it, and right this minute it STILL is not fixed!
Now, I am not upset at Wells Fargo...In fact, I am one of the few probably that LOVES working with Wells Fargo.  HOWEVER the issue on … (7 comments)

100: FREECREDITREPORT.COM...can you hear the MUSIC???? Think "My SHARONA"! - 05/06/09 02:55 PM
The following was one of the 1st blogs I have ever done!  I changed it up quite a bit, but left the content approximately the same!  Now that I have been in "the RAIN" for a while, I thought it was DEFINITELY worth re-doing and re-stating!  Plus, I added pictures!  :)
***NOTE*** I am looking for EVERYONE to comment, so please do not be shy!  That means you credit scoring & repair companies!  HOWEVER, we are looking for ADVICE not sales pitches!
Well, so far, I have been to over 18 hours worth of "credit repair" training, as … (44 comments)

100: Mortgage Broker vs Mortgage Banker Vs Bank. "What you talking bout Willis?" - 05/05/09 08:48 AM
Recently, I have been noticing a LARGE number of blogs on AR and other sites, talking about TOPICS in the Mortgage Business, and it is clear to me that the general public, as well as Professionals within our industry, are not noticing the differences of perspective that these blogs are coming from!  Soooo....I am going to TRY and simplfy it for everyone!  I by the way, have been all three of them!


 Mortgage Broker
The "matchmaker" between a homebuyer and/or person refinancing their home, and a lender with the goal of originating a mortgage loan. The Broker draws … (2 comments)

100: Pre-Qual, Pre-Approval, Approval, Loan Committment! What does it all mean??? - 04/21/09 04:57 AM

Pre-qualification letter:  This is merely a letter that the lender provides to the realtor when asked, to send on with the OTP, that shows the SELLER that the customer has made application, had credit pulled, and in the "eyes" of that particular lender, should not be a problem to get financed.  This letter is not much, but is MUCH better than someone who hasnt even applied yet!   MANY LOOPHOLES though.  Possibly, one addition here would be that the funder or lender has run DU, LP, DO, or something similar to obtain an electronic approval. 


100: The typical lender "NEEDS" list! The basic items a lender will need to either pre-qualify, pre-approve, or APPROVE your loan! - 04/20/09 06:13 AM
I see all kinds of documentation in your future my friend!   Beware! 
Today, as a LENDER, our crystal ball has no idea what it is doing!  We rely on automated approvals to tell us exactly WHAT WE NEED from a customer, and even this isnt good enough, as an underwriter has complete discretion at ADDING ITEMS at any time!  This stinks, but is a direct result of bad lending practices in the past!!  However, there are quite a few basic items that you can tell your customer that they will need, in order to get pre-qualified, pre-approved or APPROVED … (18 comments)

100: Spank me with ARCRONYMS! The ULTIMATE "add to it" guide to abbreviations for Rainers & Consumers! - 04/17/09 09:48 AM

This is going to be a group effort, and by the time we are done, we should ALL have quite the resource for our customers!  Cut & Paste, or save it to your desktop to email!

AGI - Adjusted Gross Income
AIREA - American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers
AKA - Also Known As
 ALTA - American Land Title Association
APR - Annual Percentage Rate
ANSI … (11 comments)

100: Navigating the troubled waters around CONDO'S! Facts and Tips! - 04/14/09 12:02 PM
I really wished I had the option of LARGER TYPE when I do this blog today!
Condo's have become increasingly difficult to finance!  Correct?? Here's why...and a few tips to make it easier!!

In the past, if a condo project did NOT qualify for conventional financing there was and STILL is a very good reason!  
Have you ever been driving around on a weekend looking at properites and saw that a condo project had an exclusive agent representing the sales, or may even have AN OFFICE located there?  There is a reason! 
In addition, have you ever seen a sign … (14 comments)

100: Holding Fellow Lenders to a higher standard! Misinformation is the leading candidate for confusion! - 02/06/09 03:36 AM
Today, I am furious!  
Why you ask??  Well, let me tell you EXACTLY WHY!!   
The hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, moronic monkeyman posts I have been reading lately are ticking me off!  Why??  Because I spend all day responding to comments, posting and reposting the correct information, and more importantly trying to "RAISE THE BAR" within our industry! For YEARS, we lenders have blamed REALTORS, the liberal news media and others for our OWN mistakes!  NOW, today, I completely understand why!  My friends and I that are in a small group here … (16 comments)

100: Top 10 Suggestions TO LENDERS to smoothen deals with Realtors! See my other blog for Realtor Suggestions! Even with 12 inches of snow today, appraisers found the igloos to appraise! - 12/19/08 10:03 AM
For purposes of clarification:   
              OTP= Offer to Purchase           GFE= Good Faith Estimate      CHATTEL=Personal Property           MLS= Multiple Listing Service       BOA=Board  of Realtors BNI=Business Networking International
Hello everyone!  My blog earlier this week was top 10 suggestions to Realtors, so I thought I would go the other direction and give my fellow originators some suggestions also when working with Realtors!  Sooo...here goes! :)1.  The minute you get an OTP,notate in the file, in the sky, on your palm, on the wall in your office, or anywhere for pete sake, exactly the day that the LOAN commitment is due! 
Logic:  Realtors cannot stand having to remind … (3 comments)


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