This is a great cause. If anyone wants to donate, please feel free.Hi all.  This is a little different kind of post.  It has nothing to do with business, but it has a lot to do with community.  Those of you who have school age kids might know of the program, but maybe not.  It is called Box Tops ...
So it's time to break out the champagne, or at least the cheap red wine. Rich just pointed out that I've broken the 20,000 point thresh-hold. Ok, so it's no 500 posts like Lenn or 10,000 comments like TLW. But hey it's got to be cause for some celebration, at least here in my Lewis Center, Ohio l...
There was a throwdown in Lewis Center, Ohio yesterday. Chef Bobby Flay of the Food Network arrived at the Sugardaddy's Factory store in Lewis Center, to challenge the creators of the Sumptuous Sweeties gourmet brownies and blondies to a Blondie cook-off.  The Sugardaddy's team, lead by Co-Founder...
Today was a special day in Columbus, Ohio. Over 40,000 gathered in Ohio Stadium (the Shoe) to watch and participate in Ohio State University's 380th Commencement. The whole ceremony was amazing to watch. The stage was set on the 50 yard line. The student processional was accompanied by the OSU ba...
Squeezed into a cistern twenty-five students look around in awe. This is actually where the escaped slaves slept, hidden from their pursers as they made their journey north. This small dark, damp room represents a giant step toward freedom.A project of the Junior League of Columbus, the Kelton Ho...
It's official! We have the day off due to the snow. Here in Lewis Center, (a suburb north of Columbus) we are under a level 3 snow alert. So what to do on a snowy day when you can't even leave the neighborhood?? Play in the snow of course. But that's after the shoveling.                     Hopef...
              3 Tips For Working With Buyers •1)      Listen to your buyers - When we relocated to Ohio there were several things that I knew I wanted in a house - One was a grocery store, mall and restaurants within 5-10 minutes of our home. Not really a hard request to fulfill in Central Ohio. ...
So I too have been meme'd courtesy of my husband. (A little odd, since you would think that by now he'd know at least a few things about me) Anyway here are a few little known facts about me. 1. I used to work in the Clinton White House2. Answer to the question that inevitably follows statement #...
Dear Santa, I was helping Savannah write her list earlier.  For the record she's been very good. ( I'm not counting the incident with the scissors and the cat needing a haircut and I really don't think you should either.) But anyway working on her list made me realize I needed to write mine. So S...
Member's only blogs, nicknames, blogging for points, spam, shameless comments for ratings. These are all just a part of that crazy place we call "the rain". But does it all really stay here??? I for one, hope not. The relationships and experiences that one can find here are part of the benefit. C...

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