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Many sellers and seller's agents are starting to see this popping up in the real estate market. One of the many stressful times of selling a house is the home inspection. There's always worry that the inspector will find defects and the negotiations after the inspection will be tense.  In my expe...
Chapman Falls-Photo by K&J Photography in Uncasville, CT In the past year or so I have sold 2 houses in my own neighborhood.   Neighborhood friends liked to joke that I need sell to people who would make great neighbors.   Some were more specific and asked for things like families with small chi...
You really can't time the market Many people are asking me lately if it's a good time to buy a house.   If you are an investor and waiting for the absolute best time to buy low and sell high, I can't say for sure whether this is the best time to play ‘flipping for dollars'. But if you are purchas...
I can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan.... Anyone who thinks Real Estate has slowed to a grinding halt should have followed me around last week, and many of my colleagues feel the same. Here is what my week looked like: My week started with a team of my colleagues on the grievance com...
As mortgage lenders tighten guidelines, understanding your credit score and how it can be improved continues to be important to help you qualify for a mortgage.  Here are some basics: FICO FICO is a credit scoring system developed by the Fair Isaac Corporation There are 3 major credit bureaus.  E...
If you've been paying attention to the property transactions in The New London Day's Home Source you've probably been noticing what I'm writing about today.  All of the homes listed as ‘Sold' for one dollar. I have had clients call me about this, wondering what kind of conditions these houses mus...
I am by no one's definition a granola earthy kind of person.  Well, maybe if it's covered in chocolate but I digress.  I recycle, I try not to waste food (If Rob eating the left overs counts),  and I get most of my bills on-line and have opted out of those credit card offers (https://www.optoutpr...
Rising energy costs are causing buyers to think twice about the type of house they want.  Here in New London County, we are behind the rest of the state in Green Building, but we are catching up quickly! If a buyer was looking for this particular type of house 6-12 months ago, with or without the...

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