karen salmon realtor: Moving Up to Your Forever Home - 11/29/15 12:48 AM

Moving to a new home is a huge, monumental life change. Its felt even more when you're moving from a home you've live in and loved for years; a home where you have special memories and perhaps raised a family. All this can add to the stress of moving from the home that you loved, to what could be your “forever” home.
Like every other move, you have to a lot to consider, such as financial costs, legal fees, home layout and desired neighbourhoods. These are all a part of the huge list of things to consider when making a long term move. … (2 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Bathroom Staging without Breaking the Bank - 11/18/15 03:58 AM

As an experienced Realtor, I can tell you with certainty that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Before my clients put their home on the market, I always advise them to put extra effort into ensuring the kitchen and bathrooms are at their best. Unlike what many believe, sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. There’s no need to start ripping up tiles or buying new fixtures. Here are a few quick and easy tips to stage your bathroom at little cost, but with big results.
The first tip is to get your bathroom ready for staging. … (1 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Proven Strategies to Get Your Home Sold…Fast! - 11/15/15 12:03 AM
Have you purchased a new home and are ready to take the next step…selling your home? If this is the position you are currently in, there are some tried and true tricks of the trade that will get your home to sell quickly. The selling process can be a bit arduous and will definitely throw off your regular routine for a few weeks, but the end result of an offer in hand is always worth it. The market in Calgary has had some hiccups over the past year, but here are some great tips that can get you through the process … (0 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Celebrate Remembrance Day in Calgary - 11/08/15 12:00 AM

Growing up in Canada, sometimes we forget how fortunate we are. The freedom we take for granted and the happiness that comes along with it. However, every year on November 11, the entire country is reminded of that good fortune when we take time from our day to day hustle and honour our fallen heroes – the men and women who have given their lives in service to our country. The Canadian Bureau of Veteran’s Affairs states that more than 2.3 million men and women served our nation since World War I and more than 118,000 have died in service.
In Calgary, … (1 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Should You Invest In Real Estate? - 11/01/15 01:18 AM

Before I ventured into the world of real estate by becoming a realtor, I was a real estate investor first. My first dabble in real estate began as an investor, and over the years I never lost my passion for it. Right now, quite a bit of my business is in leasing and property management for investment real estate. My experiences as a seller, buyer, agent, landlord and property owner have allowed me to cultivate the type of experience that I enjoy passing on to my clients. While working with many of my clients, one question that I always seem to … (1 comments)

karen salmon realtor: 3 Tips for Leveraging Halloween for Real Estate - 10/25/15 05:21 AM

It’s the beginning of a new season and you’ve decided to put your home on the market for sale. So why not leverage the new season, especially Halloween, as a real estate marketing opportunity? The spooky holiday could potentially bring hundreds of parents with their children to your front door and you never know who is considering the purchase of a new home…everyone is a prospective buyer. That being said, here are a few recommendations you should consider when marketing your home during the autumn and Halloween seasons.
Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is the most important aspect when readying your house to … (5 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Why You Should Get a Home Inspection - 10/18/15 07:55 AM

The best piece of advice I can give home buyers is to get an inspection when purchasing a new home. As a potential buyer, you have the right to know and learn as much about the property as you can, finding out that a new roof or plumbing is needed after you’ve signed the dotted line is not the best way to start out in your new home. So the next question is, how much should a buyer spend on home inspections? And what types of inspections are there? Read on to find out….
Types of home inspections
There are a many different … (1 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Considering Purchasing an Investment Property? - 10/04/15 05:30 AM

One of the safest investments you can make is by owning and renting a residential property. Over time, home values will rise or fall, but an investment property will give you regular, steady income that you can put towards your own debt or even retirement. Real estate investing can be done on any scale and catered to the more conservative personality or someone who doesn’t mind taking a bit of a risk.
You can start with just one property or even ten, there is no one way to invest in real estate. Your ideal investment strategy depends on how much time and … (1 comments)

karen salmon realtor: What to Do When Preparing to Move - 09/27/15 07:16 AM

If you have a move planned in the next few months, you’re probably overjoyed at the prospect of getting those keys and making your new house a home. We all know that moving isn’t fun but the end result is always worth the hassle. Today, I’ve prepared for you an easy to follow list of do’s and don’ts when its moving day and that happy moment finally arrives.
Begin preparing as soon as possible. Being prepared is synonymous with planning and starting early enough to give yourself enough time to get things done the right way. You may be moving in 3 … (1 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance - 09/06/15 04:54 AM

Working as a Real Estate Agent is not your typical profession, where you start your day at 9 and end by 5. The hours fluctuate and some days can be very long. As a Real Estate Agent, I have to be available for my clients on their schedule, which means showing houses during the evenings and on weekends. While most people are enjoying their weekends off to spend time with family and friends, I am typically working with my clients.
I am passionate about my career and the success I have achieved, however I recognize that there are certain … (3 comments)

karen salmon realtor: How to Handle a Lowball Offer - 08/30/15 12:19 AM

Most sellers are a little nervous with anticipation when their home is sitting on the market.  What are buyers thinking? Is someone interested?  Will an offer be coming in?  Then out of the blue, a buyer’s agent comes calling with a low ball offer.  Less than flattering valuations of your property are hard to take, but that doesn’t mean you should feel insulted.  Slamming the door is the wrong reaction.  As an experienced Real Estate Agent, here are three important things that I keep in mind when I am at the negotiating table:
1. Thank the potential buyers … (3 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Four Important Things to Know Before Becoming a Landlord - 07/28/15 12:10 AM
Perhaps you are thinking of renting out your first home while you upgrade to something a little more roomy.  Maybe you are considering investing in a condo to build some additional real estate equity.  Nearly anyone can become a landlord with a little patience and preparation, and in the long run, it can be a very rewarding decision.  If you are new to the game, and are feeling a little hesitant about taking the plunge, here are four helpful tips to get you started in the right direction.
Most tenants are good, responsible people.  We have all heard horror stories of tenants … (0 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Is Condo Living Right For You? - 07/19/15 01:18 AM

If you are thinking of making a move, or planning on buying your very first home, you have probably considered the possibility of condo ownership.  Over the last 10 years, condos have become an incredibly popular option in Calgary, and there is more to choose from than ever before.  In many cases, Calgary’s condos offer some exciting perks - low maintenance living, great locations, and best of all, an affordable price tag. 
That being said, condo living isn’t for everyone.  Some people prefer the privacy of a single family home, need the extra space and aren’t crazy about sharing a common area … (0 comments)

karen salmon realtor: First-Time Buyers are in the Driver’s Seat! - 07/05/15 02:01 AM

It’s no secret that we had a slow start this year in the real estate market, but with change comes opportunity.  Inventory rose, prices stabilized, and most importantly, first-time home buyers took note.
According to the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP), nearly half of the homes purchased over the last 24 months were bought by first time buyers.  Those that were hesitant to take the leap during 2014’s aggressive market have welcomed the slowdown.  This spring, they had more to choose from and less pressure from competing offers.  Coupled with rock bottom interest rates, it is shaping up to be … (0 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Real Estate Relationships That Last a Lifetime - 05/31/15 01:39 AM

Hiring a real estate agent isn’t just a one-time thing. At least, it doesn’t have to be. I have had the pleasure of helping many of my clients move from one home to another several times. I thoroughly enjoy being part of these important and exciting life changes.I pride myself in being a trusted source of real estate knowledge, and I always make an effort to stay in touch with the people I have worked with in the past.
During an uncertain economic period, it’s not uncommon to have plenty of questions. Is this a good time to list your home? If … (1 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Wrapping Your Head Around the Legalities of a Real Estate Transaction - 05/10/15 02:38 AM

Executing a real estate transaction is so much more than just putting up a For Sale sign on the lawn. Those who attempt to go at it alone realize one thing very quickly – it comes with a lot of paperwork. Over the years, the standard forms have evolved. Today, the purchase and sale agreement is loaded with clauses that protect both the buyer and seller.  Essentially, in the end, you will need the help of a lawyer to finalize the deal and an experienced Realtor who has the knowledge to ensure your bases are covered.
Signing a real estate agreement is … (1 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Top Three Excuses That Prevent Homeowners from Downsizing - 05/03/15 06:17 AM

Having recently helped a handful of clients moved to smaller homes, I know how difficult it can be. Downsizing usually offers a wide range of exciting benefits, and provides significant financial and lifestyle opportunities. Although it is a popular choice later in life, not everyone looks forward to it with optimism. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine yourself living somewhere else.  For many, it’s the actual move that make them reluctant. Here are the top three concerns that cause homeowners to think twice:
“I don’t want to move because I am sentimentally attached to my home.”  Truly, home is where the … (3 comments)

karen salmon realtor: What Separates a Great Real Estate Agent from the Rest of the Pack? - 04/27/15 04:10 AM

Making a move is a huge undertaking. Before you declutter or choose your dream neighbourhood, there is one important point you need to consider first – choosing the right real estate agent. It’s no secret that there are a lot of us. So, how in the world do you decide? Here are four characteristics of an excellent real estate agent:
A great agent has learned by experience.
Real estate is a crazy industry where the only constant thing is change. I love this aspect of my profession! Every day there is something new to learn. The economy, lending rates, … (2 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Buying a Rental Property in Okotoks - 04/12/15 06:07 AM

The steady upward price trend in our local real estate market has inspired many people to think about diversifying their investment portfolio. You don't need to be a seasoned investor to make money in real estate. Many people simply buy and hold a few properties until they build up enough equity or decide they are satisfied with the return and no longer want the responsibilities of being a landlord.

Have you considered buying a rental property in Okotoks? With extremely low vacancy rates and high market rent, there is certainly money to be made. Entry-level homes are still affordably priced, … (1 comments)

karen salmon realtor: Answering Your Home Appraisal FAQ’s - 04/05/15 07:21 AM

If you have ever bought a home or switched mortgage providers, you probably needed to get an appraisal done. An appraiser’s job is to evaluate your home and give the bank an independent, professional opinion on the value.
When might I be required to get an appraisal done?
Appraisals are often required by banks and lenders to verify the value when a home is purchased, or if the home owner is seeking secured financing. Appraisals are also done to satisfy the legal proceedings in a divorce or estate settlement. For homeowners simply looking for the estimated market value … (0 comments)