okotoks rental: Buying a Rental Property in Okotoks - 04/12/15 06:07 AM

The steady upward price trend in our local real estate market has inspired many people to think about diversifying their investment portfolio. You don't need to be a seasoned investor to make money in real estate. Many people simply buy and hold a few properties until they build up enough equity or decide they are satisfied with the return and no longer want the responsibilities of being a landlord.

Have you considered buying a rental property in Okotoks? With extremely low vacancy rates and high market rent, there is certainly money to be made. Entry-level homes are still affordably priced, … (1 comments)

okotoks rental: Is it Cheaper to Rent or Buy in Okotoks? - 03/19/13 05:30 AM
March 19, 2013
Have you ever wondered if maybe you'd be better off buying than renting? I had Mark Herman of Mortgage Alliance run the numbers on buying either a starter home in Cimarron or a two bedroom condo in the Mesa.
Payments on the 2 story home at $305 000 would be 1392 a month ... that is lower than rent of 1800 for the same home. Add in Ptax of 146, utilities of 250, Fire / home insurance of 40 and your monthly total would be $1828 almost the same! Difference of $28 ALL IN! 
Payments on the condo at $220 000 would be … (0 comments)

okotoks rental: 10 Things You Need to Know About the Okotoks Real Estate Market - 03/19/13 01:46 AM
March 15, 2013
1. There are 122 single family (SF) homes on the market as of March 13
2. Thirty five SF homes have sold in the last 30 days compared to 31 over the same time last year.
3. The average price of these 35 SF homes was 408,476 compared to 405,603 last year.
4. Average number of days on market for a SF home is 63 compared to 36 for Calgary.
5. Speaking of Calgary, the average price of the houses sold over the last 30 days was 517,840. The average price of houses sold during the … (0 comments)