staging: All I want for Christmas is 7 little men… - 12/16/11 03:51 AM
Now before I have to tell some of you to get your minds out of the gutter, let me explain. APSD is growing by leaps and bounds and I am hardly able to keep up on a daily basis. Recently we have added a new Operations Manager, a Website Manager, a Director of Training and a Director of Distribution…all of whom you will soon meet. But even then, I have been ‘cursed’ with an amazing vision and amazing members that are constantly forcing me to continue to grow, build and be the very best I can be so…help!!! I could really … (1 comments)

staging: Take Your Home Staging Business To The Next Level - 11/23/11 06:11 AM
An Unprecedented Offer…. Watch my new 4 part training video series being unveiled over the next few weeks. Here’s Video #1 – Absolutely Free!!! Training Video #1: Taking your Home Staging Business to the Next Level In this video you will discover: The exact steps to creating Multiple Stream of Income How to use the BAR Formula (for marketing results) Easy process to find out your clients goals Plus much more… Watch Now at: … (0 comments)

staging: Shared Letter - 11/03/11 05:24 AM
Just wanted to share a letter written to Kristy Morrison, who is an APSD Certified Master Home Stager Trainer... Hi Kristy Hope you are doing well. This event is definitely an event I will have to plan to attend once I am more established. I can't wait to meet Karen (Schaefer of APSD) one day, she is, as you are, an inspiration to me!! Taking your course at Bell was just the beginning of what has propelled me to move more seriously in a new direction that I am so excited and passionate about. Here's a little update. I've signed up … (2 comments)

staging: Are you ‘Afraid’ to sell your home staging services? - 10/26/11 06:26 AM
People work too hard at selling their services vs. selling themselves these days. It seems that none of us are having fun any longer and unless your client can have some kind of fun they don’t really want to participate. And, if you can’t get them to say ‘yes’ to your home staging services, pretty soon, it won’t be fun for you either. The problem? You don’t want to fully commit, but that is what it takes…full commitment. Let me give you an example: Each year Chick filet; the chain that runs a funny tongue in cheek campaign with cows advertising … (1 comments)

staging: The 3 magic steps to Selling Your Home in Today’s Real Estate World - 10/24/11 10:45 AM
Unless you have stuck your fingers in your ears and started humming “Mary had a little lamb” a few years ago…and have not stopped, you are well aware of the lousy real estate market. It used to be that you could start to think about selling your house or listing and suddenly, the house selling fairy would bring you buyers. You practically didn’t have to do a thing except put a sign in the yard and wait a few weeks. Today, it is completely different and you must take action in order to sell within a reasonable number of days --the … (2 comments)

staging: Just Announced - Karen Schaefer's APSD Home STAGE Training Event 2011 - 09/23/11 12:52 PM
Two new locations just announced!
Buffalo, NY - November 11th and 12th, 2011 and Vancouver, BC - November 29th and 30th
Join us for the only Home Staging Training Event that focuses on the BUSINESS of Home Staging, the Effective and Copelling Marketing to Attract all the Clients you need and Money Making Strategies so you can build a great business and have a great life.
Visit for more details!
Keep watching my blog as I announce further details!!

staging: Success loves persistence - 12/14/10 05:06 AM
"The thing about success, is it doesn't always come when called...but it always comes given sufficient persistence, at something where success is, in fact, possible..."This is a quote from one of the greatest marketing minds I know...Dan Kennedy. Today, I read a fax blast that he sent where he was talking about cart horse racing which is one of his favorite activities. He went on to talk about how his racing year had not been stellar but that he kept with it, working hard all year, and now in the past month, he has had back to back to back grand … (0 comments)

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