la quinta realtor: La Quinta Real Estate Market- Corona Update - 05/01/20 10:12 AM
La Quinta Real Estate Market May 2020
La Quinta real estate including the entire Coachella valley and Palm Springs area is a microclimate unlike other California real estate markets.  We are unique in the fact that a high percentage of the real estate are second homes.  We are also seasonal and many desert dwellers leave for the permanent residence in the summer.  Because of this, our market is unique to our valley.  Our busy season runs from November-April- that is when the most people are here enjoying our sunny weather, golf, mountains, hiking, swiming, dining, and desert air.
Prior to the Corona virus- … (6 comments)

la quinta realtor: Desert blooms all year long! - 08/01/17 03:28 PM
 We are lucky enough to live in a place that has flowers and blooms year round.  Summer is no exception!  Yes it is hot, but that is what your pool is for!  Summer residents are treated to the bright and vibrant blooms that come only when the desert heats up!  Bougainvilla around our pool loves the sun and although we have flowers year round, this decorative vine loves the summer!  Roses thrive in the desert too, although their bloom is short in the heat.
Cactus bloom like crazy here in the summer.  This little catus has produced these cheerful white flowers all … (10 comments)

la quinta realtor: What I Love About my La Quinta Job! - 02/21/17 02:01 PM
What I Love About my La Quinta Job!
Although there are many things I love about living, working, playing, and real estate in La Quinta, Ca... the single most important thing are the people I meet and who become more than clients.  They become friends.  
Years ago I met a young couple while working in Old Town La Quinta.  We found we had quite a bit in common.  Abbie was interested in real estate, and Cory was a golf pro.  He was even working at the club where I began my golf career in Palm Desert.  I helped them buy their first … (5 comments)

la quinta realtor: Trust: He bought it sight unseen from France - 08/21/16 06:28 AM
Trust:  He bought it sight unseen from France
A past client of mine and I have been searching for a second investment home for him to purchase in the La Quinta Cove. I sold him his first investment property here in La Quinta about 5 years ago, and my husband has been managing the property for him. Weeks and then months passed, offers were written, and still we had not found the right fit. But I knew his likes and dislikes, and his must haves!
The day after he left for an extended trip to France I went to preview a home that … (7 comments)

la quinta realtor: Speechless Sunday: La Quinta Cove Puertas! - 07/31/16 05:02 AM
I love the interesting and unique homes in the La Quinta cove.  Many were built in the late 1950's and most in the 1970's.  Every time I am working in the La Quinta cove neighborhood I discover new homes and I have captured some of them here!

la quinta realtor: There is no place like home. - 05/15/12 06:47 AM

            There is no place like home. ~ L. Frank Baum
The author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was born on this day in 1856.

 It is a simple sentence, but the meaning is deep and heartfelt.  We all have a place that we think of when we hear those words.  It is a safe place, a family place, a place where we can be ourselves, a place we miss when we travel and a place we long to return to.

We are lucky to be in this business where we help people … (12 comments)

la quinta realtor: WARNING!! Do NOT watch this VIDEO if you are on a DIET! ActiveRain Talent Competition Video - 09/04/11 02:39 PM
WARNING!  Do NOT watch this video if you are dieting, watching your weight, trying to avoid late-nite-munchies, or you have a weakness for home-made good FOOD!
I had so much fun putting this video together-- I invite you to watch it and become a special guest in our home and kitchen!
The golf-shot at the end is just for fun! 

Let me know what you think... and when you can come visit us in La Quinta! 
For recipes visit

la quinta realtor: When You Invite Them.... Do They Come? - 04/10/10 12:43 PM
I am a huge fan of ActiveRain... it is a wonderful source of information, tips, perspectives. It is a great place to connect with your peers and share your challenges, victories, and insights.  I have become a consistent blogger and have topped 100,000 points in less than 9 months.  I have only had 1 direct contact from a prospect via ActiveRain... but I will keep on blogging and I am positive I will see results!  The other benefits that come from being ACTIVE on AR are well worth the effort!
Because of my belief in ActiveRain and all … (13 comments)

la quinta realtor: Getting to the Next Level ! - 04/08/10 01:04 PM
                                                               Getting to the Next Level!
Are you feeling beat up, beaten down, tired of reluctant buyers, harassed by frustrated sellers ?  I had one of those weeks when my high expectations were trampled and buyers moved on without looking back....  Then this Tom Ferry video landed in my e-mail box and it helped me get back on track... it has a simple message, but it hit home with me … (4 comments)

la quinta realtor: Happy Birthday Twitter! Twitter turns 4 Years Old Today! - 03/21/10 11:42 AM
Can you believe Twitter is already 4 years old?  Can you believe Twitter is ONLY 4 years old?  It seems to me that it has been around much longer than that!  It is a social-media phenomenom-- and if you are'nt using Twitter to share and learn-- Then WHY NOT?
Check out my previous posts on TWITTER BASICS  and HOW TO USE TWITTER FOR BUSINESS !
You can follow me on Twitter by clicking the twitter bird right here!

la quinta realtor: First TASTE of LA QUINTA... Sells OUT Food Tickets in Two Hours! - 03/21/10 09:20 AM

We had a great time at the first annual TASTE OF LA QUINTA! According to the Desert Sun... the event was extremely popular!  Can't wait for next year!
The La Quinta Chamber of Commerce held its first Taste of La Quinta on Saturday on Main Street in Old Town La Quinta.
During the one-day event, attendees could purchase a block of tickets to sample food for $25. The tickets provided 15 food samples per person — and sold out two hours into the event, officials said.
The brainchild of Bruce Franklin, chairman of the La Quinta Chamber … (1 comments)

la quinta realtor: Happy St. Patty's DAY! - 03/17/10 09:52 AM
Have a fun, safe and "lucky" St. Patty's Day! … (3 comments)

la quinta realtor: World Class Tennis and Food in the Desert! - 03/12/10 05:38 AM
The PNB Tennis Classic in Indian Wells California is happening right NOW!  According to the Desert Guide.... the food is as great as the Tennis!
World-Class Tennis Plus a Feast for the Palate By Donna Curran Strawberry Delice Crêpe, served at Crêpe Express in The Food Village, with strawberries, Grand Marnier, and whipped cream.
BNP Paribas Open fans expect to see the top tennis players in the world when they come to the Indian Wells Tennis Garden but along with witnessing their favorites, they get to partake of culinary excellence at numerous food venues under the direction of Levy Restaurants, founded … (1 comments)

la quinta realtor: Oh-No , They Call Me the ActiveRain Queen - 02/23/10 05:00 PM
I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about my Broker "forcing" us to join ActiveRain--I'm afraid I am addicted to ActiveRain... so much so, that when a new Agent is introduced to our office-- they say ask-- Kathy about ActiveRain, she will get you going!  I am almost feeling indulgent about sending the "invite" e-mail.  I want the other Agents in our office to get involved and send out those invites to welcome the newbies! 
I post new listings to ActiveRain... I post my latest photos.... When a local event sounds like it should'nt be missed-- I post it to … (6 comments)

la quinta realtor: How to Buy a House! - 02/05/10 05:25 PM
This little video speaks VOLUMES!  A great tutorial for new home buyers- this could work for lenders, appraisers, inspectors,  attorneys, bankers, realtors, you name it!  Send this to newlyweds, college kids, investors and anyone who wants to buy a house!  I love that they include  the internet search along with..... CONTACT YOUR Realtor! 
How To Buy a House on Howcast … (3 comments)

la quinta realtor: Good News: My Short Sale Keeps Her Home/ Bad News: I Don't Get Paid! - 01/31/10 03:13 PM
I have been working on a friends' short sale since last October-- with many phone calls, pitfalls, restarts, pot-holes, phone calls, faxes, e-mails, phone calls, well, you get it.  I refaxed the 78 page bundle twice-- and then was told just a month ago that I was starting over using an "automated" system and all info had to be uploaded AGAIN!
On Friday-- she came by the office and said that her situation has changed-- she has secured a new job-- and she wants to try to keep her home by doing a loan modification. We called the bank, and she … (4 comments)

la quinta realtor: Check Out my 20min per day Twitter Workout - 01/18/10 04:50 PM
So here is the 20 min per day Twitter Workout to help you become more effective with your time on Twitter.Most people tell me that part of the reason they don't want to get involved with Twitter, is that it takes too long, and that they have far more important things to do. Well, as I tell all my clients whatever time you have available, is the time you have available.. The key is to be as effective and productive with that time as you can.So here is my 20 min per day Twitter workout. Will it make you lose … (1 comments)

la quinta realtor: It Takes Five Keys To Unlock The Secret To A Successful Sale - 01/18/10 04:13 PM
Today's buyer is doing their research online.  It's more important than ever to be an informed and prepared seller.  Doing your homework and strategically marketing your house, with help from the right professionals, is the fastest way to a successful sale. 
It takes five keys to unlock the secret to a successful sale:
This, in my opinion, is the most important key.  Listing before the house is 100% ready is a mistake that you will regret.  Many sellers are talked into premature signing by realtors who are afraid of losing the listing.  Repeat after me:  "You don't get a second chance to … (1 comments)

la quinta realtor: ACTIVE RAIN-- WE HAVE CONTACT! - 01/18/10 03:54 PM
I am an ACTIVERAIN believer... I meant it!  I invite and and I shout the praises of the ACTIVERAIN experience.  To me it is theraputic, and inspiring and a chance to share and learn.
Then today... breakthrough!  I was contacted by a complete stranger who found my blog via GOOGLE, and connected with my story.  It was not my blogs that got her... IT WAS MY BIO!  (so go write one!)  She found common ground in my background, (golf), my location, (La Quinta), where I met my husband (The Nest), and his hometown, (Pasadena)-- alot of random connections resulted in an … (14 comments)

la quinta realtor: Even the Experts are Buying Homes - 01/16/10 04:01 AM
Home prices have hit bottom in most areas of the country, but they're not like a rubber ball. Sellers can't expect much of a bounce.
At the Center for Economic Policy Research, in Washington D.C., analysts are predicting that the pricing arrow is pointing up, but not very far. There are still too many foreclosed homes on the market.
So, what did the center's co-director do? He bought a house. He doesn't expect its value to rise much in the foreseeable future. But the home had features he loved. The price was affordable, and the loan's interest rate … (1 comments)

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