cincinnati ohio: HUD Foreclosures in Greater Cincinnati - 08/12/09 03:03 AM
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cincinnati ohio: Is Cincinnati Considered a Great Place to Live? - 07/01/09 02:13 AM

Sadly-the answer is no!
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cincinnati ohio: Real Estate Open House Event - 04/22/09 07:58 AM
April 26th has been declared "Super Open House Sunday" for the greater Cincinnati area real estate market. So if you are looking for a home/condo in Hyde Park, West Chester, Fairfield, Mason, greater Cincinnati..or anywhere in the area-chances are good the property may be open on Sunday. Last Sunday (April 19th) there were over 1200 properties advertising "Open Houses" on the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati. Super Sunday's goal is to have 2000+ properties open. (as of 8:18 am 4/22=1694 open houses already registered on MLS) Low mortgage rates and the first time home-buyer tax credit makes the event a … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: Is Anything Going On in Real Estate? - 02/03/09 07:25 AM

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cincinnati ohio: What Would Arraham Lincoln Say About West Chester Real Estate? - 01/07/09 02:38 AM
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cincinnati ohio: Is Home Staging Worth the Time and Money? - 08/25/08 01:39 AM
If you believed everything you saw on TV today, any real estate seller (or buyer) in West Chester, Fairfield or Cincinnati could whip any house into shape with a little sweat and a few dollars. Unfortunately-nothing could be further from the truth. Click here to see the article
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cincinnati ohio: Is Real Estate Really Local? - 08/06/08 04:40 AM
Guess what- the news finally caught on- real estate really is "local"! (Subscribe now- to stay on top of the local real estate news.)
The other night Paula Toti (Channel 12 News) reported on the local real estate market. Click here for video. During the introduction to the segment- she commented on how "real estate is really local". It is nice to see somebody in the news acknowledging what real estate professionals have been saying all along...... ..... the greater Cincinnati area, West Chester, Fairfield, Liberty Township and Mason real estate prices are affected by local market conditions - not the … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: Don't Let FICO Scores Throw You a Sucker Punch - 08/03/08 11:56 PM

Real Estate buyers still don't understand the impact of FICO scores. To understand how FICO scores impact a home buyer in West Chester, Fairfield or Cincinnati today- look at the numbers from
A home buyer financing a $200,000 30 year fixed mortgage with a FICO Score between 500-579 will pay $502 a month more than the buyer with a FICO Score between 760-850. has a wealth of information and tips for today's home buyers and if are unsure about your FICO- set aside some time to work your way through the site.
Buyers, even ones with … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: Are Men Better Real Estate Negitiators? - 07/30/08 02:23 AM
Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man? "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" That was the question posed about Eliza Doolittle by Professor Henry Higgins in the play/movie "My Fair Lady." Sometimes it seems very appropriate in today's real estate market. Owners in West Chester, Cincinnati and Fairfield have "done the drill" of preparing their home for sale: preinspection home staging touch up/clean up home warranty de-cluttering In short- everything required to neutralize a "home" to become a "house" in order to make it appealing for the next "home owner". As a seller, you are mentally … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: What is the Coolest Spot in Cincinnati Real Estate? - 07/24/08 09:14 AM
Comliments of theCincyBlog Who wouldn't want a place with a spa, lush gardens, a lagoon for sunning and lots of space to roam?

Located in the heart of Cincinnati, the Zoo is the coolest piece of real estate in area. It's true, there aren't any "homes for sale" inside the park but make sure schedule some time and spend a day wandering in and out of the "pricey" habitats". And unlike sellers who usually leave the property when buyers arrive, the animals are very personable and welcoming.
If you are looking for the perfect place and need some … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: 5 for 4 - 07/23/08 06:05 AM
No I'm not selling sandwiches....but I am answering your requests for information about affordable housing in Cincinnati, Mason, Fairfield and Lakota School Districts.
So here we go- at least 5 single family homes or condos (or more) in a variety of areas. A search of the Greater Cincinnati Multiple Listing Service for homes/condos with a List Price between $100,000- $110,000. If you want a list of all the properties available within this price range- send me an email. Starting off in the Cincinnati Public School District with 150 properties available- take a peek at: Enslin St, Ledgewood, Glencross, Wm H … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: Weekly Estate Roundup - 07/14/08 04:03 AM
What do the numbers 28, 263 and 1,000,000 have in common? Well if you are shopping for a condo or single family home in the greater Cincinnati area-there are 28 condos and 263 single family homes currently listed for $1,000,000 or more. The highest list prices-for a home in Indian Hill $6,580,000 (1127019) and a condo in Walnut Hills listed for $2,950,000 (1098158). If you are thinking about selling your home- do you have enough concrete data to price your property for a quick sale? A quick review of the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati (MLS) to find the highest … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: Inventory Snap Shot in Focus - 06/30/08 09:22 AM
Everybody wants to know how the real estate market is doing? Whether you live in West Chester, Oakley, Fairfield, Beckett Ridge or elsewhere, the market is showing signs of life. So I took a "snap shot" of Sunday Open Houses for June 29th as well as active listings and pending sales for single family homes in the following areas: Data from Greater Cincinnati Multiple Listing Service Open Houses were fairly robust yesterday. But don't despair if you had an open house and nobody walked through- it is just one of many tools to sell your property. The mathematically inclined are now … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: Pricing it Right in Real Estate is No Game in Oakley and Hyde Park! - 06/25/08 05:18 AM
Correct pricing for real estate is not as simple as hitting a button in the Multiple Listing Service system and getting the answer! Recently a fellow blogger wrote and an excellent blog highlighting the need to price properties "right". Since I am always on the pricing soapbox, I was intrigued enough to read the entire article. The blog quotes numbers from the greater Cincinnati Multiple Listing Service with List to Sale percentages for Hyde Park and Oakley. Unfortunately the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) provides an incomplete picture and this article is a great example why agents and sellers need to dig … (2 comments)

cincinnati ohio: What the Toledo Blade Doesn't Know About Cincinnati Ohio - 06/24/08 07:32 AM

This morning an article in the Toledo Blade by Gary Pakulski went to great lengths to describe the state of Cincinnati's economy and the status of downtown. An open letter to Gary Pakulski: Dear Mr. Pakulski, Your article was thoughtful and well written and somebody in Toledo is probably shaking their head about conditions in poor Cincinnati. Too bad- while you are suffering along with the southeast Michigan's stumbling economy- we're doing just fine down here. As an example, yesterday's "Urban Tour" was an eye opener. Not only did we see a wide variety of condos and flats- we saw … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: The World Isn't Flat in Real Estate - 06/22/08 05:48 AM

With all due respect Mr. Friedman, the real estate world is not flat! In his well written and often quoted book, "The World is Flat" author Thomas Friedman argues the fact that events and businesses are impacted not just by events in the United States -but by circumstances all over the world. And, most of the time, I agree with his premise.
However, when it comes to Cincinnati, West Chester, Fairfield, Mson and other local residential real estate, the world is not flat, allowing local markets to be just that -local markets. Look at the State of Ohio. The statewide … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: 2 Easy Ways to Go House Hunting in Urban Cincinnati - 06/19/08 06:30 AM
h3>Suburban or Urban? Not sure if you want to move into the city and save some gas money commuting everyday? You have 2 options: Don't miss this weekend's Urban Tour which is showcasing 21 properties. Everything will be Open Saturday and Sunday from 12-5. And/or- give me a call (513-300-4090) and set up a personal tour of city properties (both new and resale). Either way take a few hours to enjoy what city living has to offer. You never know if you want to live in the City until you take a look at some of the wonderful housing that is … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: Where is the Chicken or Egg in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio? - 06/09/08 03:55 AM
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Yesterday we were downtown to see the last show in this year's Broadway Series at the Aronoff. "Jersey's Boys" was delightful, but finding a place to eat lunch before the matinee performance was - well frustrating. Chicken or egg- on Sunday's it is very evident that downtown Cincinnati is not the place to catch a quick lunch (or late breakfast) before attending the 1pm show. Eateries around Fountain Square were either closed on Sunday or didn't open until noon. There is a great place, First Watch,just north of the Aronoff. However, since it is one of the few … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: Why Realtors Shouldn"t List Their Own Homes for Sale - 05/19/08 07:54 AM
As a home owner I have come to view my home's eccentric features as charming. Buyers may not be as enchanted with these "problems". As a Realtor if I a potential listing had mini maple trees growing out of the deck, because the owner didn't bother to sweep up the seeds - well that would cleaned up prior to listing the property. Cupboard doors that stick, a bedroom door that won't stay open, an electric outlet that doesn't work...all these items and more would be on a giant "honey do" list to be fixed before the property is offered for sale. … (0 comments)

cincinnati ohio: What is the Winning Formula for a Great City? - 05/16/08 02:30 AM

Stable Economy + Affordable Housing = Greater Cincinnati Ohio. The other night I had the opportunity to spend the evening with a number of graduate students from a variety of universities. Their number one question- "what is Cincinnati really like?". I was ready to launch into a verbal tour of the area - but that was not what they were really asking. The real question is.... if they uprooted themselves from their university cocoon and moved here- would they be happy? As we stood out on the steps of the Cincinnati Museum Center and looked at downtown, I pointed to … (0 comments)


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