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Would you like some good news? There has been success regarding the like-kind status in the Farm Bill! More to come on this later, but for now, please allow me to announce that the provision contained in the Senate version of the Farm Bill that sought to re-define the concept of "like-kind" in re...
Midwest Farmland Prices soared during 2007, according to the Des Moines Register today. According to the appraisers at Farm Credit Services of America, farmland prices increased 20% or more in three of the four states covered by the organization (Iowa, South Dakota, and Wyoming) during 2007, with...
Are Farmland Exchanges occurring in the Midwest in states such as Iowa the cause of high land values or merely an effect? The answer depends upon who you ask, but my personal opinion is that high Midwest farmland values are a lot more likely the result of the increased need for corn to be used in...
I hope you're hanging in there with me on this subject. It seems like there's a new development every day or so now. Yesterday I posted on the fact that Congress is back in session and the Farm Bill is something that they will be working on putting together as soon as possible, given that the spr...
As part of a continuing effort to keep you up to date on the implications that the Farm Bill currently being considered in Washington, DC. may have on Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, here's the latest: As you know if you have read my two previous blogs on this subject (the original and the u...
Part of a successful Section 1031 tax-deferred exchange is meeting the requirement that potential replacement properties be properly identified within forty-five calendar days after the closing of the relinquished property. Time out for definitions:  Replacement property = the properties that an ...
The acquisition of land in West Des Moines for the United States headquarters of London-based Aviva was finalized recently. Aviva is the fifth-largest insurance group in the world based on gross worldwide premiums as of 12/31/06. Aviva US is ranked #1 in sales of "indexed life insurance," which a...

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